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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Daughters Birthday

Today is my daughter's birthday, she is turning 6.  She has become a darling, wonderful, smart, fun, and stubborn girl.  I know she gets the blue eyes from her grandfather and grandmother, and she certainly does not get her blonde hair from me, her patience is from her father.  It is the stubbornness she gets from me, but I am not saying that as if it is something bad, actually I am proud.  To me being stubborn means that I will try 10 different ways to get something done instead of giving up and  I usually to not take no for an answer.  I want to know why not, and even then there maybe another way around to getting it done.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl.


  1. Hope that your daughter had a very special birthday, the cakes look very yummy.

    Joyeux Paques,

    Leeann x

  2. Happy birthday to your little woman!!! And happy Easter to all your family!!!
    Hugs, Mara


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