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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Little White Shed

Join me for White Wednesday hosted by Faded Charm.  Make sure you visit and check out all the wonderful White.

I thought I would show you a White project I am going to be working on for my WhiteWednesday. My husbands family is hosting a large family reunion this summer, that is to happen on the weekend of my son's birthday, who was born on the 4th of July. My project is to get our shed from looking like a shed to a beautiful cottage for our guests.  It already has good bones and one coat of white on the outside.  The inside is still just a little bit messy.

Do you see the weathered wicker chair and white table peaking out at you.  What you don't see are two more wicker chairs, a set of 4 ice cream chairs, a white dresser, white cuboard, vintage pie safe, vintage cuboard and two white chandeliers.  Plenty to start with for making a peaceful cottage for my guests.
Addorable isn't it, I found this treasure while I was on a business trip with Mr. M.  Of course I had to add the shades I enhances with some buttons and ruffles and some vintage chandelier beads found at a local flea market.
This one is just a newer brass one that was given to me that I painted white and serves a purpose of giving light.

Here is the hidden cuboard and a little white folding table, and a couple more metal lawn chairs. 

Now the project is to empty the room and paint it white, and fill it back up with all the white furniture I showed you, along with a cute bed that is in the process of being painted and lots of knick knacks to make it just perfect.  Now where is Mr. M. to help me clean this out.


  1. This will look great when you get things going. HOw fun to have this kind of great project. I would love to do something like this. Can't wait to see all your white furniture and the metal lawn chairs...which I have a few and absolutely love!
    PS come by for a visit if you get the chance!

  2. I loved your "Just a little bit messy"... scroll down.... WHOA!

    I can't wait to see the finished project the furniture is AWESOME!!!

  3. Oh it is going to look so cute, I can't wait to see the finished project. You have such great things to put back in after it is done, how could it turn out but Awesome.

  4. Good luck! It looks you have plenty of work....but what a place to relax when it's finished!!!

  5. Blossom, if you think that is bad you should see the basement. No, it really is not that bad, we have no garage doors on the addition so we can't store much in there.

    I am looking forward to painting the sweltering inside this Spring, just kidding, I love to paint. And I am also planning a patio on the side with hopefully an arbor overhead to match our back deck. Don't tell my husband, that is just in the planning stages and he can only handle one idea at a time.

  6. Holy girl!!! You were not kidding me when you said you had stuff....I think my hubby should be grateful for my small pile!!! I can just imagine the outcome...where is a magazine company when you need one...I will call and send one over to do a shoot...when it is done okay.

  7. WHOA Berries!!! How come you've never offered to send a magazine MY WAY??? What...I don't have magazine ready rooms? Oh wait...don't answer that.

  8. I can totally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! How fun. It will be gorgeous!

  9. Wait, what about mad magazine, oh no, you were probably thinking decor magazine. HAHAHA, I think the mantel from last week could definately come from a magazine, don't short your talents.

  10. I am oh so green with envy of your sweet little cottage, I dream of having a little cottage out back to 'while away the hours', painting, making jewelry and just day dreaming! I can hardly wait to see the finished project and I too loved where you wrote it was just a bit messy...:) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  11. I can't wait to see how this all comes together. You have some great pieces in there! I know it will be darling!

  12. ...and after the guests are long-gone it can become your hide-away. I need a hide-away so bad some days, to protect family members from me,haha.

  13. This shed has so much potential! What fun. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  14. What a wonderful little shed. I can't wait to see pictures when you are all done. I'd love to stay in such a cute place. So glad you could play along today.

    Take care,


  15. Ohhh, I see great possiblities......



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