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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday

Join me today for PINK SATURDAY and all the other PINKIES here with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.

I finally have some flowers in bloom now. The first one is Double Pink Flowering Almond.  Now I planted three of these several years ago.  One died, too much water.  The other two should, I say should be larger because of the age if it were not for BAD BUNNIES.  The only reason it is so big this year is that our dog Cooper keeps the BAD BUNNIES out of the fenced in area.
The next picture is of an apple tree my husband's grandfather planted some 40 or 50 years ago.  The acreage in our back yard should be full of fruit trees that his grandfather used to farm.   However, due to whatever reasons, we only have a few real old ones left and since they have not been sprayed in so many years the fruit is real      bad. 
I wish I could take the picture that shows how amazingly beautiful it is right now.  This is what our little fruit trees look like.  I was 5 months pregnant with my oldest son when we planted 50 trees.  There are only about 15 left, dang deer and BAD BUNNIES.

I love to go and cut branches to bring in to put on the kitchen table and around the house.  The look great in white pitchers.
Apple blossoms smell so pretty but not pear YUCK!
I hope you enjoyed my pink.  Now I have to get back to weeding.


  1. I love all your trees! I especially like the branches in the pitchers! Bet they smell great!

  2. How much property do you have anyway?

  3. We have 6.5 acres. However our back yard is surrounded by land that is farmed by a local farmer. On the farm land are small two ponds that we take the kids to go frog hunting, and we play on the ice in the winter. We were lucky enough to be given the land by my mother-in-law. Each of the 3 sons was given land. The other 2 chose to sell the land.

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  5. Beautiful trees! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. My favorite sot is the of the branches on your table BEAUTIFUL!

  7. They look great on your table--I love big ole bunches!

  8. Love the apple blossoms in your white pitcher...beautiful! We have deer trouble too, they sure are cute though, just wish they wouldn't eat everything!

  9. I love the smell of apple blossoms in spring. Yours look wonderful displayed in the ironstone pitcher. I like your flowering almond too. How wonderful that your husband's grandfather used to farm on that land. Great to have the history of your home and family and when they are blended it is all the more special.


  10. I miss apple blossoms, thanks for the pictures, Susanne.


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