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Friday, April 30, 2010

This Is How My Day Is Going How About Yours!

It is going to be a beautiful Friday, warm in the upper 70's maybe some rain.  I thought my day would be to weed a flower bed or two.  Fool around in blogland.  Do some laundry.  Finish up a new slipcover.  But nooooooooo my husband came home last night and said "could you use some new flowers?"  Now if you have seen some of my pictures you know I like flowers (except the yellow ones).  So now I have some a truck load of flowers to plant.

That is a truck load of Peonies and Daylilies.  And it goes all the way to the back.
And there is more!
I have no idea how many there are or what color they will be when they bloom, but how could you say NO to FREE flowers. 

So today I have a lot of weeding to do before I can put all these lovely plants in their new home. 
Most of them will go here.
I have been weeding this for the past couple of days and what better to keep weeds away than to plant flowers instead.
So now you see how my day is going, how about yours?


  1. You are going to be one sore girl on Monday after planting all of those flowers! But it will be worth it! Your border is going to look gorgeous with all your new flowers! How exciting!

  2. Wish you luck getting all that work done in a day....looks like a weeks worth in my world, but I'm lazy...not lazy....just challenged! Have a great day!

  3. Holy Crow girl! Where did HE get them? You got yourself a special guy who brings you all those...or smart, because then he doesn't have to buy you can just go pick some....hey you I posted a post last night, come on over and see what I got.

  4. My husband did some tractor work for a friend and they were going to throw them out. Are they crazy do they know what peonies are? So I said yes, and I have been weeding like crazy to get the flower bed ready. I am a quarter of the way weeded and I came in for a glass of ice water.

  5. wowowww Peonies, I found the chit chat by the way.

  6. YOU HAVE BEEN TO LONG BEACH ???? when??

  7. I am a little confused? Do you have a Long Beach near you? or do you come here....because up island in Tofino there is a massive beach with white sand called Long Beach where all the surfers go? Is that where you mean?

  8. Loved this post, reminds me of Last summer when My Niece was up visiting from Georgia, we dug up tons of Perennials for her to take back, everything this spring has come up beautifully for her, she can't believe how much everything has grown..... Free Flowers ~ Who could pass that up
    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Your garden is beautiful and Yes a lot of work!
    but when its ready its a wunderfull result. Al that flowers!!
    I wish you a verry nice weekend

  10. Now that's a bunch of planting to do but just think about the end results.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  11. I'm so jealous! We always had beautiful flower gardens in New Zealand but since moving to sub-tropical Queensland we can't grown much besides hibiscus and franjipani:-(
    Thanks for the oppourtunity to post about my 6th photo, must get onto that!

  12. Peonies are my FAVORITES...not that I have any.

    I have what Gwen calls a Lazy Butt Thumb.

    I don't want to think about my day yesterday...I'm going back to bed now.

  13. I love Peonies too, they are my Spring roses. I wish they would last longer or rebloom but my they certainly are beautiful.

    Now about that lazy thumb. The cure for that is called PERENIALS and spreading ones at that. When I finish weeding I will be transplaning tons of extra baby perenials, that if you guys were close I would give to.


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