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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

White Wednesday

Today is White Wednesday. Oh I have plenty of it, now I have to decide what is the best picture to post for today.  I found some pictures of the birdhouses around my home and some of my linen pile to be used for future decorating and projects.


  1. i just love how sweet birdhouse look perched inside. You have some great ones.
    Happy White Wednesday

  2. Seeing all your white linen makes me feel normal, knowing you have 40 chairs which beats out my friends 26 you have now become my hero. I should show these pics to my hubby to let him know he is not married to a hoarder, because after listening to him for awhile I was quite over-wrought with fear I was becoming I Know I am normal. Sure would like you to show me your linen pile!

    If you really want to know me you need to look at my blog, titled Carpentry for dummies...because that is the real deal, the rest is all a front. JK, lol.

  3. By the way I am really still confused as to what a button is, and now I want one too.

  4. I love bird houses and linen. Perfect choice.

    I love you boarder too.

    come visit

  5. love your white birdhouse but your antique linens are absolutly my faves.
    so glad I've found you as I too love all things white, plus shabby chic, vintange, antique, and... and... and... hard to put an end to my endless list.
    pop over to my blog to learn more about me and my little world of simple passions.

  6. I also have a collection of birdhouses I keep inside. Love yours. I hope you'll drop by AtticMag this week for our Giveaway!


  7. Oh I'm so glad that Tracie sent you over, cause I love your blog. It is always so great for me to meet new people who love what I love. Your white Wed. post is beautiful. I have a thing for birdhouses.
    So of course I love yours.


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