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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got Paint!

I know that White Wednesday is my favorite but I had to take a pass this week.  I have had a lot in my life this week to keep me busy so I did not want to do a poor White Wednesday post.  I thought I would find one from my archives and post one I had for just this kind of day.

As many you have learned I LOVE to PAINT and I don't keep it a secret.  In fact I try to be painting at least one project per week.  This week I am finishing the inside of the shed and boy am I having fun!  That post will have to wait for a couple of days. 

Due to my love of painting I have accumulated my fair share and then some and even some more extra paint.  You see I happen to have a small paint store in my basement.  At least that is what Mr. M. says and he also says quite frequently "why do you need to buy more paint?  You have a ton of it in the basement already." 

In my defense, I had an epiphany and I no longer use most of those colors. 

I am painting WHITE baby, all the way! 

Even though I do not use most of those colors anymore I do NOT throw out good paint.  That would be VERY bad, very very BAD!

I thought you would get a kick out of seeing my little paint store. 

I have blue, pink, purple, yellow-yes Dawn I really do, black, rust, golden, green, burgundy and that is just to name a few of the colors.  Not to mention all of the glazes and concrete stains there.

I even have some of the BIG pails.

I even have plenty of spray paint for just such an emergency.

I always have an extra paint brush or two or three.  I never know when I have more than one painting project to do at a time.

Thanks for stopping by and don't worry I will be back to my WHITE self next week.
A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Have a wonderful day, I hope the sun is shinning for you too!


  1. Oh , you do have an assortment of leftover paints. I have some too,but not that many. I try to pass off to the kids when they need some.

  2. I have the same problem...only mine is worse...see I have paint that I haven't used yet because I can't make myself do it.

  3. oooohhh I would like to come shopping at your paint store!!! Although, after thinking about it I have a small stock pile!!

  4. When we moved from our last home I purged what seemed like 100 gallons of paint. And now I have 20 gallons of paint, because everyone needs 20 gallons of different shades of white(ish)paint, right? Right?

  5. Knowing how you feel about yellow, I'm curious what you used it for?

  6. Aaahhh, a girl after my own heart. it looks like my garage and basement. I never throw anything away! Ready to paint at a moment's notice. Can't wait to see your shed ceiling! Have fun!

  7. I'd be in heaven.. but then again the corner on my garage is piles of cans too.. but white, oysters and soft creams are the main colors.

    Love that your shed is getting the once over!

    love ya,


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