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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quilted Pinks

It's Saturday and that means PINK SATURDAY with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.  I think this is my four time doing PINK SATURDAY and I am not even linked up to that link party.  I keep forgetting to email Beverly early in the week, so I do not get linked to her blog, but I still send everyone over to check all the other PINKS out.  WHY?  Because I like PINK SATURDAY!  One of these days I will remember to send her that email and it will be official, until then:

Please enjoy some of my collection of quilts.

My favorite quilts are the ones that are not perfect.  They show that they were used during their lifetime.  I have been saving many of these quilts to use for various projects.  I would love to frame some of the beautiful patterns or  make pillows.  I am also going to try using one for a slipcover and use one to upholster one of my small chairs.  I use my quilts as tablecloths and bed coverings, they do not just collect dust or hide away in a closet waiting for that perfect day.  They have gotten stains on them and been torn, but I think the women who made them did not make them as show pieces but to be useful to them. 

 Thank you for stopping by to visit my PINKS and have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh your quilts are lucious. I agree the ones used are the best. Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. How old are the quilts??? You have a plethora of beautifull it.

  3. She sure does Berries! They are beautiful. We'll have to use them during our trip to visit her.

  4. I love quilts..I have a few myself. Yours are beautiful.

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  5. Love those pretty, pink shabby quilts! I always look for them but never can find such pretty ones like yours.


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