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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spooky Town

I have been letting the witches out of the boxes. 
Skeleton heads everywhere and I' m up to my eye balls in Halloween decorations.

Isn't she cute?
I hope she doesn't mind the company, there is a new witch in town.

I am a winner! 
 Dawn from Cottage State of Mind was having a October birthday give-a-way and I WON! 
 She did not say yet exactly when in October her birthday is, but you will want to stop over and say hi. 
 Thank you Dawn, Miss Witch will fit right in over at my HAUNTED MANSION!

Speaking of winners. 

Oh, don't worry, I didn't cut my thumb. 
This was one of the trophy's I gave out at our ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY.

These ghoulish creatures were last years winners. 
Candy Corn Man made his costume out of vintage burlap that he sewed together and painted.
Burlap-the fabric of many uses!

We are having another Halloween party and I have been busy getting everything ready. 
 Oh yes, the first day of October is when all of the decorations come flying out of storage. 
 My own little goblins have been begging to work on some spooky creations. 
As the house settles into haunted mode I will show you some sneak peaks, until then here are some from last year.

Last year the party was talked about for months, so I have to up the anti a bit. 
 I am off to look for more spooky ideas.

Have a great weekend.




    check out this gram. oh my. look at her floors. you will love it.

  2. You are hilarious!

  3. Great costumes, love the candy corn! Sounds like you guys are gearing up for the fun, kids sure know how to enjoy decorating.

  4. Can't wait to see more! Just love Halloween..................
    Health and happiness!

  5. Looks like it's gonna be another great party at your house! Love all the spooooky decorations! Love those costumes, too!!
    Have a great day, Alaina!
    ~ Jo :)

  6. Wow, that tophy's pretty nasty! Not sure I'd want to win it! I'm still searching for a box for that tall witch but I will get her shipped off tomorrow!

  7. I am loving your Halloween decorations :) Wow, a party at your house would be F.U.N!!! Hope you have a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  8. That cut thumb is super disguisting! I love it.


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