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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage Porch Style

Happy weekend! 

 I have been working decorating the porch for fall while the weather is warm. 
I am joining one of my favorite bloggers Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday for a Vintage Porch Party all weekend long. 

This bench is one of my favorites, it is an old horse and buggy seat.

There has to be a little SPOOKY!

I love this cream colored burlap.
  I think it is time to make table runner, WITH RUFFLES!

I was able to get my new sewing machine.
It is still in the box, I was waiting to get the ruffler foot before I started my sewing projects.
  I am so excited to start working on some new SLIPCOVERS too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. As you know, burlap is not really my thing but I gotta say that cream burlap is great. I have never seen that colour before and I really like it.

    The buggy seat...well that just brings me back to Little House nostalgia.

    It looks wonderful and enjoy that new sewing machine.
    I can't wait to pull mine out!

  2. Your porch is gorgeous. Love the bench, stunning. The pumpkins, straw bale and everything is just so pretty. A new sewing machine is such a treat. Can't wait to see what all you do. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

  3. Amazing porch!
    Amazing charm!
    Love the bulap in cream very cozy with and tattered aged old feeling.

    Thank you for inspiring your fall porch and its milky whites :)


  4. I love the white pumpkins and cream burlap Alaina! Your porch looks great and very festive. Loved your last post on all your halloween stuff in the home. My son would just love that!!
    Pamela xo

  5. The porch turned out great! I am working on mine this weekend. Wish I had some great items like yours.
    Love the white pumpkins. Here in south Louisiana we have to use fake pumpkins because with the heat and humiditiy I have had them rot. Not fun to clean up.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. There is not one thing that I do not love on your porch!!! The buggy seat bench, wowzer!!! The little skeleton sitting on the hay stack, the burlap bow, the hydrangeas, the white's all so very well put together and pretty.


  7. Great porch vignette, Alaina!! LOVE the old horse & carriage seat... beautiful! The little skeleton adds the perfect element for Halloween with the touch of humor that I love... cute!
    Happy weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. Hi Alaina,
    I popped over to sit on your gorgeous porch for awhile. Hope you don't mind!
    It is so lovely that I may just have to hang out all day. If I get in the way, let me know...otherwise I'm going to sit here in this darling bench all day.
    Hugs to you sweet...

  9. where did you find pumpkins that colour? I wish I had a porch that nice!

  10. Your porch is lovely! I adore the old buggy seat, your pumpkins and dried hydrangea are so perfect!

  11. What a perfectly White Fall Porch! Love it! Its exactly what I expected from you!

  12. ...oh-so-very-ROMANTIC!!
    Love the white burlap, white pumpkins, and that buggy seat!!!
    ~ and you will absolutely love the ruffler for your sewing machine!!! I couldn't imagine going back to the manual way of doing ruffles now:)
    xo, Rosemary

  13. It looks absolutely fabulous!! You did such a great job!
    I've been dying to get out my sewing machine and start creating but something's wrong with it so I guess I have to wait a little longer until it's fixed. I can't wait to see what you create!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. hi there...i love all the whiteness here on your porch...very inviting!
    have a good weekend,
    i am a new follower :0)

  15. Alaina, you're such a sweetie, and I can pick your photos out in a crowd. Love your porch bench and all the white goodies, with "just a little spooky" in there. Thanks so much for a great post, and linking up for the party!
    love ya bunches,

  16. That bony guy isn't exactly scary. Only you could make a skeleton look romantic!

  17. Dear Alaina, I love each and every project you share with us, so darling beautiful all you do!!! Congrats for your new sewing machine!
    maria cecilia

  18. Alaina,

    Your Fall (Halloween) Porch looks wonderful. Love the cream colored burlap! I have a table runner (with ruffles) in this very shade.

    Your Friend,

  19. Your front porch looks wonderful! I love that old buggy seat!! I also love your creamy burlap. I made some rosette pillow covers with creamy burlap and they look lovely, I can't wait to see your ruffled table runner, it will be gorgeous!!~ Tina x

  20. You've inspired me so much with your porch!!!!! It's just beautiful....Billy is singing to me right I apologize how heartedly if....ladadadittyda..sing us a song...sorry...I start "singing" right here at the keyboard...see!!!

    white burlap...white pumpkins...there's an old man sitting next to me...sorry....ladadadittyda....

    Love all your stuff! Slipcovers, eh? Cool!!!

  21. Thank you for stopping by, you gave me a reason to stop by again and take in the beauty of your beautiful!!


  22. Hi Alaina!
    As always,I am in awe of your decorating! Wish I had you as a neighbor to pop on over and give me some pointers... :)
    Hope you have a great Sunday...
    Health and happiness to you and yours,
    PS... LOVE the bench. :)

  23. Your blog is truly awe-inspiring.

    Very Beautiful!

  24. Just stopping by from VIF and wanna say I love your fall porch display!! Very welcoming--even the little skeleton man seems to say "come on in"!! Have a great week! Julie

  25. The porch decor is gorgeous! Congrats for the new sewing machine!

  26. Ok...I'll be right over to sit and relax with you!!! It looks so warm and inviting ~ wonderful job!

  27. It looks beautiful! I LOVE that buggy seat... cool! ;)

  28. Alaina

    Thankyou for your best wishes.
    I had a lovely time.
    We invited two girls over for Thanksgiving dinner.
    They are broke college students and don't have a good family to go home to. It gave more purpose to our dinner.

    Our kitchen just keeps moving forward and we actually got alot done this weekend.


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