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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As Sweet As Can Be

A tree for a Princess, Princess Arden that is.
Each of my children has a tree in their room.
They are just little 4' trees but I try to personalize each tree to each child.
My daughter's tree theme is


A favorite bear dressed all in pink holds rein at the top of the tree.

I have been collecting vintage pink ornaments ever since my daughter was a baby,
 when I first put a Christmas tree in her room.
My children get very excited when they know it is time to put up the trees,
 they are now old enough to help without worrying that they may break the ornaments.
Yes I do use glass ornaments, my children have learned to respect antiques in my home.

  My daughter also has some of her own ornaments on her tree that she has made,
 or been given from various school and home projects.
Each tree is on a timer so the lights go on in the morning for a few hours while the kids are getting ready for school and it turns off when the bus comes, and the lights go back on again before they get home from school and off just around bed time.  
My children know the rules; the tree does not get turned on until Thanksgiving day and then they are turned back off the day after Christmas break.

It is a special treat for them to each have their own tree and it makes them feel special.

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  1. HI Alaina!

    Your daughter is my kinda girl!! I love pink on a Christmas tree! The pink antique glass ornaments are gorgeous! One day i too will have an all pink tree!

  2. Fit for a fairy tale princess.So pretty.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I really really really like your PINK tree !!! love love it Ria....

  4. Wow, there's not skimping on the amount of ornaments! So very pretty!

  5. What a gorgeous pink tree! Love the various shades of pink. You are such a wonderful mother. I'm so glad to hear you're right on top of things. I see mothers out there that are too busy on their phones to instruct their children. They will thank you one day! Mine have!

  6. It must be really fun living in your household.

    I just love your daughter's pink tree. It's so sweet and I love that it's loaded down with all her special ornaments.


  7. I am tickled pink over that pretty tree!!

  8. I'm in love with that tree and every single one of those fab ornaments!!

  9. Yum! That's how I like my trees with tons and tons of ornaments. Very Pretty!

  10. I love pink, so beautiful tree:)
    Hugs, Biljana


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