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Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Party

This was our second Halloween party and they are just so much fun. 
 In fact, I have already picked out the theme for next year. 
It sounds kind of crazy, but if you know ahead of time you can shop the savings of after Halloween sales.

We were lucky the night was beautiful Saturday and the party spilled out onto the deck off from our kitchen.  I always make sure there is plenty of food and drinks ready so when my guests arrive they can just have fun.  I had a couple of games ready, one was a simple question answer game that involved a choice of sticking your hand into "THE BOX" of body parts, of course or they could choose to do a Bloody Brain Shot or eat some chocolate covered bugs and trust that they were not real and that was a gamble for them, because they KNOW how much I get into Halloween!

 We also vote on Best Costume, Scariest Costume and Most Unusual, while I tally up the votes my guests played a Halloween Treasure Hunt and had to find out certain facts, such as what color is the owl and how many skeletons are in the house and so forth, the winner also got a prize.

One of the reasons I love giving this party is because the guests get to participate and they DO! 
All of my guests think about and put an effort into their costumes and that SO makes it worth the work.

This year Frankenstein and Dr. Frankenstein stole the show!

They made the best entrance!  He came in first and I wish I took a picture of his boots, they were costume duck taped to make him (who is already tall) 4 inches taller.  He did not talk, only groaned and moaned and walked around the whole kitchen looking at everything and one else and just made noises while we tried to guess who he was.  This lasted about 15 minutes until Dr. Frankenstein walked in looking for her his creation.  Oh we were laughing so hard. 
 This is what makes a party so much fun to give.

Another person that made everyone laugh all night was this man:

He is Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 and he happens to be Mr. M. and he made the costume come alive with his antics and we were laughing all night.

Here we are the happy couple!

The spider lady and Lt. Dangle.

My sister the Devil Bride. 
 I happen to run out of plates and she was kind enough to stop and pick me up some. 
 She really had all of the shoppers staring with this costume on. 

Grandma and Grandpa stopped in for a few drinks. 
 My brother-in-law and sister-in-law always add life to a party.

The Phantom and my Vampire niece.

My nephew the nerd and his date the naughty teacher.

Howard Stern made an appearance but he made someone else carry his date..

My niece the Witch and her Whoopee cushion husband.

The Dog Bounty Hunter and his girlfriend the Dog's wife.

Igor and his princess bride.

As you can see we were graced with wonderful and creative guests. 
 We were so lucky that they came and made our party wonderful.

The rest of our weekend was filled with taking our children Trick or Treating in a nearby neighborhood.

This week I have to undo all of my Halloween to get ready for another celebration.  Don't worry it is not Christmas, I don't start decorating for that holiday until the day after Thanksgiving. 

No, next we celebrate that my little Astronaut turns 4 on Saturday.

Happy birthday buddy!


  1. yay! What fun pictures, Alaina. Your whoopee cushion friend made me laugh out loud. It's always interesting to see just what people will come up with. Glad your party was a success.

  2. That astronaught costume is so cool. i love it. Your party looked so fun and the best part like you said would be the participation!!!!! Right on!!!

  3. All the costumes are fantastic but Lt. Dangle... that's hilarious.

  4. looks like a BLAST!! i love reno lt. dangle is a hoot!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! How much FUN does your party look? I love all the costumes (your sister would have frightened me like you would not believe!!). I love that you had chocolate coated bugs and body parts for food!!! The effort that you have put in is amazing - I love it!! Happy Birthday to your BIG little boy ~ xx

  6. Looks like a delightfully good time!


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