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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goldilockes and the Three Blues

Remember how I said I don't like blue, well, I must have been having a weak moment and forgot myself.


I bought two new blues.
I don't know what I was thinking.

This blue was TOO green.

This blue was TOO blue.

Mix them together and.........

The third blue was JUST RIGHT!

I hope.

I like how the chair looks, even before distressing and waxing.

The new color goes great with the fabric I was using as my inspiration.

I like it, but just in case I have some WHITE PAINT waiting on the counter if the blue doesn't grow on me.

So what do you think, will I keep it or will it be white next week?

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

The green/blue paint is an oops from Home Depot and the light blue is Louis Blue chalk paint.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

I am joining Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Feature Friday for a chalk paint party.


  1. I love the chair and the paint you mixed. It goes perfectly with the fabric. Don't paint it white. I can't believe I just said that giving most of my furniture is white. Blue is growing on me too. I painted my first piece a light blue gray.

  2. Live with it a few weeks (weeks, not days) and maybe it will grow on you. I love it right this minute. The fabric on the seat is gorgeous!

  3. There is no way you will keep that blue for long. I know from experience. LOL

  4. I think the blue on the chair is just perfect with the fabric. I love mixing my own paint colors, it's always a surprise!! ;-D


  5. Alaina,

    Four words: Love it. Leave it!

    Your Friend,

  6. I love it Alaina...but it won't last lol !
    I know it will be white in a month or two!!

  7. Your custom mix matches your fabric oh so well! It was kismet. I think you'll see that it is just perfect. No white paint! LOL
    ~ Sue

  8. I love the custom blue!! It looks perfect with the fabric!!!

  9. I love the blue!! The fabric is gorgeous.


  10. I thought you were taking that fabric back? AND of course I love the paint colour!

  11. It's a beautiful blue that goes perfect with the fabric!

  12. I love it! But, I'm like you, I would probably like it for a little while then be tempted to paint it white.

    I can't leave anything alone!! LOL!


  13. GORGEOUS!!!!! I don't know what I love more, the inspiration fabric or the painted chair!

    Your twin clipcovered chairs are featured over at Pink and Polka Dot!!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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