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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Whites

My poor garden has been neglected.

I have not had/taken time to water nor have we had much rain.

I have been giving the plants with the spent flowers a haircut and now my garden is at the ugly grow out stage.

Funny though, the colors on the plants and bushes that always seem to be in bloom throughout the seasons.

Can you guess?

Did you say WHITE?

I am so happy to have the privilege to join Kathleen from Faded Charm and all the other wonderful bloggers for WHITE WEDNESDAY!
Oh yeah, I'm back.

Then you would be right.

My white hydrangeas are in bloom.

They are so hardy.
I have brought some in the house, I love how they look in the ironstone pitchers.

Rose of Sharon.

Cone flower.

More fluffy hydrangeas.

I think this little garden might be my favorite.
I packed a lot in there.  Pea gee hydrangea, 2 white chairs with mixed white flowers, phlox and another white flowering plant that I am not sure of the name.

I just love how these urns turned out. 
 I will definitely try this plant combination out again next year.

So, I haven't exactly managed to kill off all of my plants this year.
BUT, thinking like a gardener, it just gives me reason to plant some new plants in the fall and spring.

How about you?
Any WHITES in your garden?

Thanks for visiting, I hope you didn't trip on any weed piles while you were here.
Make sure to stop by and visit Kathleen.


  1. All your white blooms are inspiring! Your garden photos are wonderful! I did plant a snowball bush this year... We'll see how it goes! Haha

  2. I think your plants and flowers are looking beautiful in spite of all this heat...beautiful hydrangeas! I'd love to have weed piles, then I know I have done my work!!


  3. Love it Alaina, as you probably guessed I would :) I need MORE white. I find white flowers just stunning, and they look good day or night.

  4. I always enjoy pictures of your garden!!!! Even w/o much watering or rain it looks amazing!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I have to say, that I'm really loving your hydrangeas - sooo divine! Hopefully I'll get to plant some in our new garden next year, since we just moved into our home last month. Anyway, I've become a follower as well. Take care & I look forward to visiting your blog in the future.


  6. That sure doesn't look ugly grow out stage to me Alaina! It is gorgeous!!! I love all your hydrangeas. So pretty everywhere you look.
    I loved seeing your creative space. It is lovely.
    sending hugs from here...

  7. I absolutely adore your brick patio. i used to have one when I lived in a very old bungalow. So charming - and your garden is just thriving! Your hydrangeas are beautiful! We're struggling here in TX to keep our yard from toasting :) diane


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