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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

I think if you are quiet you can hear mom's yelling all over.


Well of course, school has started for most children!

Today my husband and I took our youngest son to his Kindergarten orientation.
Celebrations are to be had, our last child entering school.

As we waited for the bus to arrive to pick up the two older kids, we practiced, on how to make friends.

Children do not always find it easy to talk to other children.
So, when my oldest son was getting ready for his first day of school, we practiced.

"Hi, my name is Chase, what's your name?  Do you want to play?"
And we discussed the three important rules of school.

1.  Listen to your teacher
2.  Make friends.....this is where practice helps.

For about two weeks we practice these three rules and how to make friends.  It helps me feel better about sending them off to school knowing that they can turn to the kid: sitting next to them, in line, at the lunch room or even on the playground and make a new friend.

I know this has helped over the years, now that my oldest is in 4th grade he can walk into any situation and make a friend to play with.  By practicing the simple sentence; hi, my name is ......., what's your name, do you want to play.  It makes it easier to role off their tongue and they do not have to think about it. 

I had to do this with my husband when I was pregnant with our first child.  He would go into the Credit Union to cash his pay check, and because it is one of the Credit Unions where he works on their computers, they would always stop him on a Friday to look at a problem.  This would always delay him from coming home at a normal time and infringe on our weekends.  So, I came up with a simple phrase that he could repeat over and over until it rolled off his tongue every time they asked him to look at their computers.

"Hi, my name is Chris."  No, just kidding, he would say "I'm sorry I can't stay, my wife is pregnant and I have to get home.  Call me on Monday and we will set up an appointment."

I really did make him practice that every Friday before work, and it did work.  By using, the wife is pregnant excuse he was putting the blame on me, and I did not care because I wanted him at home.

So next time you see your child hesitate at the playground or in a situation when they are with other kids, remember they may be shy, teach them how easy it can be to make friends.

I hope everyone is having a great day.
I know I am, you know what I am listening to?


Happy first day of school.


  1. Great advice and great smiles!

  2. I remember when my youngest went off to school. Cried all day. Now she's nearly 33!

  3. I didn't think about "practicing" making new friends! I really need to try that with my 4 year old - he started school last week. ;) Wishing you a wonderful new school year with your kiddos!!!


  4. first off, BOO YAH SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, great post. My little Ella is less shy and generally very nice to other kids and I taught her to say "hi, my name's Ella, what's your name?" Actually, I'll tell her that soon before she starts her very first afternoon of junior kindergarten today.

    I almost fainted yesterday it was so wonderful. I AM NOT ASHAMED, ha ha hahaha....

  5. This is a great idea!! My oldest will be starting 2nd grade tomorrow and I know he is nervous about making new friends. I'll practice this with him today!
    Hope you have a beautiful week.

  6. I really cherish the first week of school for my son. It's almost like I'm on vacation. The first day I went out to lunch with a girlfriend at a big person restaurant and then we went to a favorite antique mall. No Phineas and Ferb for an entire day.


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