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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whites in the Dinning Room

Where they belong.

I finally did it.
I removed all my rose china and pottery from the huge pine cabinet in my dinning room.

I may be getting ready for Halloween, but that is not really why I did it.
Just an excuse to get it done.

It was the last real area that had my roses in it.

Now that there is not as many pieces inside, I can display my favorites easier.

Don't worry I did not pack all of them. 
My favorite pieces are in the office cabinet.
I did manage to pack away four bins in the basement.

I kind of thought that once I started putting my collected white pieces and silver that I would deplete them from the rest of the house.

I guess I had more collected than I thought.

I am happy with how the cabinet looks now.
It is more ME!

This little cow silver butter dish is one of my favorite finds.

Button candles I made for my old shop.

How about you?
Do you surround yourself with what you love or hang on to some things just because?

I am joining Kathleen from Faded Charm for White Wednesday.


  1. Alaina,

    I love your huge pine cabinet. Your white ironstone and silver pieces look wonderful displayed in it although it's a shame that your beautiful rose pieces are packed away in the basement. Love the little cow silver butter dish {I bet Anna does too!}

    Your Friend,

  2. Do you have instructions on here for how to make the button candle? I love that idea.

  3. Lovely Alaina! I love all the white china with the pine! Nice touch!
    Saw your home on Melinda's blog...very nice!!!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your white decor and your cabinet is so lovely.
    The button candles are adorable. I might have to borrow this idea!


  5. Wow-that turned out great!!!! So fresh and you can see all your cool stuff!

  6. I think it's very pretty with the white and silver. Now I want to go clean out my dining room cabinet. I have my wedding china in it, just because it's sort of a traditional thing to do. I like your look much better (besides my wedding china is very dated looking).

  7. Absolutely love the cow butter dish!! I have a thing for bovines. LOL

  8. What a nice clean look in your cabinet! Your whites and neutrals look perfect. I know what you mean about hanging on to things. I love pretty pink roses & such, so I display that kind of china during spring & summer. I can't get rid of them! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my bats, Alaina. I made them a few years ago, and they're fun to bring out each year.
    - Susan

  9. I do a little of both I think. But I love roses and anything floral so that's what I hang onto.
    Your cabinet looks beautiful dressed in whites!
    hugs from here...

  10. Hi Alaina!

    Oh how I love your cabinet and all the things within!!! Scratch that, I LOVE your ENTIRE home!!! :) It's just gorgeous!!!! :)

    Hugs from here,


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