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Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's That SMELL

The joys of living in the country.

Sometimes it means you will come into contact with wild animals.

Last night on their nightly walk, Mr. M. and Cooper our Golden Retriever,
came in contact with one of those wild animals.


Before Mr. M. knew what was happening, the dog had grabbed the skunk.


The damage was done.

At 9:00, Mr. M. was scrubbing the dog with a recipe I found on the Internet.
hydrogen peroxide
baking soda
dawn dish soap

This morning I went out to check on THE DOG.


More googling, Mr. M. found a pet store that will let him wash THE OFFENDER in their store if he buys the shampoo there.  Mr. M. says that is much better than doing it in the cold.

I have a feeling that if Mr. M. walks the dog in the dark, he will be sure to carry a flash light at all times.

Just a funny story I thought I would share.

As for me, I am home with a sick little guy.
We are finishing up the decorating and watching lots of Christmas movies.
A few of my favorite movies are; White Christmas, The Holiday and Home Alone.

How about you, do you have a skunk story or a favorite Christmas movie?


  1. I'm a big sucker for It's A Wonderful Life. So melodramatic! Your poor little guy. Tis the season for germs.

    Hope your doggie gets de-stinked soon!

  2. Love the combination...Christmas movies and skunks, te he! That's one of the reasons I have cats... Hope you're having a great day despite the small traumas of life, xoxo

  3. I have never seen a skunk around here...just fox, raccoons, coyotes and opossum. And we live in the city!! I worry some since our dogs are little, but I guess these wild critters are just as afraid of us!

    Sorry your guy is least he's getting it over with before it's too busy! My favorite Christmas movie is The Holiday...just love the scenery in it!!

    Happy Holidays!


  4. Oh I know exactly that smell! My dog tangled with a skunk once and he came running in through the back door and rubbed against our sofa. So not only did he smell, but the sofa was ruined! It took forever to get our dog smelling good again! Our vet washed him in tomato juice.
    Hope your doing well!
    Have a great day.

  5. I do not envy your doggie problem! I hate the smell when I pass by a carcass on the highway- cannot imagine having a pet with the same offending odor. aagghh....
    One of my favorite movies is the Bishop's Wife- an oldie from the 40's. What a classic w/Cary Grant. :-)

  6. Our dog met a skunk a few years ago. I let her in the house before I noticed the stench, so she ran into the living room and started rubbing her head all over the carpet and against the sofa. It took months and months for the smell to go away. Either that or I just got used to it. Good luck with your doggie!

  7. OMG what about tomato sauce?

    and no but I do have a very sick boy, with a massive abcess on his had to get drained...........


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