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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let's Play Ball

I thought I would share some photos of the kids from their baseball games today.

Mr. M. always enjoys a post while he is out of town working.

I caught the little guy in the act of dancing while standing on 2nd base.

At least he wasn't one of the three sitting on the ground playing in the dirt,
or running around trying to catch each other in the outfield.
I know there were a few testing Coach's patience for sure.

In fact, I know that the coach was surely missing his assistant coach.

That's my girl sporting her pink and reds.
Don't you just love the socks. 
Even in the rain they played a good game.
The coach even said he was proud of the team for not complaining about it raining during the game.

And my oldest son being a great helper.

Even though he wasn't playing, he helped his sister's coach by being back up catcher.
Dad should be proud, he is doing really good with his throwing.

I guess he has had a great coach for baseball!

I may have to eat my words because actually baseball is not too bad this year.
In small doses of course. 

Mr. M. your baseball players miss you!


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  1. Little league baseball is hilarious! I wish my boys would still play. They used to sit outfield and eat their mitt - lay down... anything but pay attention. Fun day.


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