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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do You BOO?

I am neck deep in Halloween decorations.
I have completed the invitation for my kids first Halloween costume party.
Two of the kids have their costumes are just can't wait for the spooky day.

And you.

While I am busy getting ready for this year's Halloween party, I thought I would show you some pictures from last year.
The picture above is the fireplace mantel in the dinning room.
I do reuse most of my decorations from years past, but I try to mix it up.

Bats on the wall.
A cheap effect and one I have already started working on in the living room.

Witch in the front yard.

So, how about you?
Are you having fun decorating for Fall or Halloween?

Parties of the week.


  1. Your house is the best on holidays. The yard witch - I love.

  2. I bet your kids will have such a blast at the costume party you are planning! I always loved dressing up for Halloween as a child, and now it's my kids' turn to dress up and they love it! I am not a big Halloween decor person but I do love fall/ harvest decor with a little Halloween here and there. I have to have some of the Halloween thrown in, because it is just all so fun! :) You did an amazing job with your decorations from last year, wow!

    I hope you have a beautiful Friday and a fun weekend, too! :)


  3. I haven't started yet--but you are inspiring me! I remember that yard witch from last year--that is an awesome decoration!

  4. Great Halloween decor. Your kids are going to have a great party.

  5. Love the way you go all out. We have a wooden witch like your last one in your yard that we painted with chalkboard paint and put our prices on.


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