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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Only Two Days Until the SPOOKTACULAR DAY!

My absolute favorite Halloween decoration.

So cute, just ready to trick or treat.

I'm not ready!
The kids are out of their minds excited for the Halloween party we are giving for them and their friends.
So far the list is up to 17 kids and about 8 adults and the list could still grow!

I think I am crazy.
You see, I have to tell you a secret.  

I have never given a kids party before!

Oh, I have done parties, lots of them, even birthday parties for my kids.
BUT, I have never done one that was geared towards kids.

I am not in my element.
I am planning, oh, lots of planning.

In fact, if you ask my sisters, they will tell you I have turned into


I am dictating all that needs to be done.
I am up to my neck in lists.
Lists for food.
Lists for things that need to be bought.
Lists for things that need to be made.
Lists for things that need to be never stops.

But, that's ok.
Because, I know when my guests arrive, I stop, put down that last minute thing I was doing and I have fun.

I am mostly ready in the living room.

I am just loving the white and black with pops of orange. 

Eyeballs, eeeww.

I love the eyeballs on the plates.
Each year I just get out the glue gun and re-glue them on.
Then pop them off at the end of the season.

Such pearly whites!
Doesn't it look like the bird is picking his nose.

The two pumpkin heads on the cabinet are new this year.

Little miss witch has to be up high.
The poor girl has been with me right from the start.
Both of her teeth have rotted off, and one of her legs has to be fixed each year.
But, I love her.

I actually managed to finish several pillows from shirts and sweaters that were last years undone project.

More little pumpkin heads hanging around.
There are five.

Mini skeletons, there is always something fun you can do with them.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my spooky living room.

So, I have to ask, do you do kids parties?
What is one tip you have learned that you could pass on to me.

I am also partying over at Common Ground, My Romantic Home and French Country Cottage.


  1. no one does Halloween quite like you, Alaina!! Have fun, I know the kiddos will have a blast!!

  2. are going to hear this word a lot from your guest.....A W E S O M E!

  3. Wow!! Your decorations are amazing! Your favorite candy corn guy is my favorite also, looove him! You are a brave girl to give a Halloween party for that many kids! I have to say, the thought of giving a kids party puts me in panic mode! I'm not a good party giver. I've only done 2, one for my daughter when she was small, a dress up/make up birthday party (her BDay is in Oct)and just lately a baby shower for her. Toooo much stressss! I'm sure yours will be a blast, and if it takes being the party "Natzie", whatever it takes! I'm your newest follower and will be back often!
    PS. eyeballs on the plates, to clever!!

  4. Love all of your decor and your fav' candy corn guy is soooo darn cute!! I just had our annual lunch and craft Halloween party last Friday afternoon for 8 10 year old girls. Survived. Glad it's done. Till next year! Have fun at yours!

  5. Those kids will never forget your party. It will be remembered forever as the best Halloween party they ever went to.....I know it. I don't know anyone else in this world who starts thinking about it in August. I am also so glad that you are able to sit down and enjoy it once it gets going.

  6. Great Halloween decor, love the witch too plus the candy corn with the hat. Bet your party will be fun. We do party but ours was for very small kids 1-5 years old. We play "find the pumpkins" outside and just kid small pumpkins with candy inside and put them in your Halloween bag.


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