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Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Floor Love!

The floor is in and we just love it.

Mr. M. stayed home Wednesday and laid down the Southern Pine 
with our nephew helping, or the other way around.  
Due to having in floor radiant heating, they had to glue and top screw in the wood.

Friday I came home from work to find it all stained, boy did it stink.
Saturday and Sunday we put several coats of poly on.

If the room did not flow into the already stained hallway, I might have tried to just sand and wax.
This is how I plan on leaving the upstairs bedrooms.
The lighter floor will look nice against the darker walls.

Fresh laid pine flooring before stain.

Newly stained floors.

We both love the look of the wood against white walls.
I can only imagine how good it is going to look with all the slip covered furniture. 

As you can see the walls need some touch ups.
We also still have to put the quarter round back on.

Although this picture is a little fuzzy and on the red side.
I wanted to show you the transition from the old wood to the new wood.
The new wood is a little on the lighter side, however the hallway has been re-stained in the past few years.
The old wood has lots of wear and tear from children, animals and just plain old 15 years of use.

We couldn't be any happier with the way it turned out.
The wood we used is Southern Pine from Lumber Liquidators.
The price is right and we were able to order on line and pick up the next day.

In fact, we are so happy that we plan on redoing the upstairs hallway and all of the bedrooms in the same wood.  

This week I am painting the living room, both the walls and trim, same color, still love my white.
Then over next weekend we can move in all of the furniture and put up the big Christmas tree.

What a wonderful project this has turned out to be.
What a wonderful Christmas we gave ourselves and our home.


  1. I am so happy for you! Wood floors are so warm and inviting. They look terrific.
    How exciting!

  2. Your floors are beautiful. I just found your blog and had to laugh at the last entry. We just had wood floors delivered and are to be installed this week. So much for the tree. Hopefully they will be done as quick as you did yours. Can I pull off an open house in a week or two? I must be nuts. Merry Christmas and enjoy your floors

  3. Floors are so pretty! funny, we are both doing remodels! I've been so out of the loop it feels like, but i'm so excited to finally getting settled. this will be my first week since September that I am not expecting anyone to be coming and going! Will be so weird! Be sure to come and enter the giveaway at my place (on my side bar) it’s the last night to enter! xoxo, tracie

  4. The floors look great!!!! I am so happy for you:) Can't wait to see it in person...perhaps you can put your skills to work over the summer at my house...he he


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