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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where We Take Our Shoes Off

Baseball season is officially over.
Has life slowed down.


We spent a wonderful day with my BFF in life last weekend.
Too many miles between us that one day is just not enough!

Then it was back to work.
On the house that is.

Mr. M. and I are almost done hanging the drywall in the mudroom.

To our mudroom.

This is the entrance from the garage.
The ladder is resting in the soon to be new coat closet.

This is the view looking across from the garage entrance.
The room is not large.
However, it will be very useful.

Please, remove ALL shoes before coming into the house.
I will be so happy when shoes do not have to come inside.
Mud, dirt, snow and wet, can all stay here.

We were able to reuse a window from the remodel.
You can barely see it but, there is an outlet under the window.
For a window light at Christmas time.  
You have to think about these things.
At least I do.

The picture is so dark because we turned off the power to do the work.
My youngest son wants to know how he can go to the bathroom when the lights don't work.
We are trying to get it done asap buddy.

The view from the kitchen entrance.
The wall on the right I plan on hanging a huge chalk board and cork board.
A place to write down daily chores, school events and a spot for the kids to hang pictures and projects from.

As we worked on the drywall, I couldn't help but think of how I will finish it.

Colors, lights, flooring.

I would love to do a brick floor.
So, I went searching.

image here

Isn't this a beautiful mudroom!
I love the brick floor.
I trying to figure out if wood would be a wise choice with so much mud, snow and wet on it.
I have also thought of tile.
I have thought of black and white.
Still thinking on that one.

I am going more towards black with some blues and reds.
I would also like to put up bead board on the walls with a high shelf.
I think it will be easier to keep clean.

I can't wait to get these out of my kitchen!
The kids cubbies are already black, although I am not opposed to painting them a different color.
Black shows as much dirt as white.
Maybe a fun blue. 

I have a dresser and a vintage wall cabinet I also plan on putting into the room, they are great for winter storage.  I would love to build a bench in between the kids cubbies for sitting and removing shoes.

I have been collecting some wire baskets, hooks and containers for the room that I can't wait to bring into the room, soon enough though.

And you, what kind of floor do you have in your mudroom?


  1. We put hand-scraped wood floors in our house last November. They're beautiful, but I told husband yesterday I never want wood floors again. So much worry. I wouldn't put them in your mudroom area. Put brick or tile so you can relax.

  2. How great to have a wonderful room to keep things organized and cleaner. Love those painted cubbies you have for the kids. I agree wood floors would be difficult to maintain, but love the idea of brick!

  3. I have a hall more than a mudroom and it just has hardwood floors in it which I would NOT recommend. I have to have throw rugs down to catch the rain and snow. I love that brick look though. Or a black and white diagonal linoleum look (do they still make linoleum?). Have fun accessorizing the area!

  4. How great to have a room like that. Can`t wait to see how it turns out when it`s finished.

    Hugs from here.

  5. We have a mudroom at the lake that is just off the door to the garage. We did travertine stone and I have to admit, it cleans up nicely. I also have it in the adjoining powder room, too. The mudroom leads right into my laundry room, so again the stone is good to have if you have wet towels on the floor. I really do like the brick...can your hubby do that sort of work? I would think the labor would be high, but so worth it!

    Sending good wishes on completing this room soon! :)


  6. How fun to watch it all come together! Looking forward to the finished room!~~Angela

  7. I have a mudroom which you enter straight from the garage, and since our garage doors are usually up, almost all enter our home this way. My mudroom has white ceramic tiles (from former owner)- NEVER PUT WHITE FLOORS IN A MUDROOM!!!! I can't wait to remove these tiles and put down either slate or the wood look ceramic tiles. I think the brick would be lovely and easier to maintain than wood or anything with white.


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