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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Man Cave

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

We have one layer of drywall on the walls of the garage (man cave).
It is a huge 4 car garage and we are doing the work ourselves.
The hardest part is the ceiling because they are almost 12 high.
We still have 44 more sheets to hang.
We are half way done.

I have started thinking of what colors I am going to paint the garage.

Of course I am!

Don't worry though, I plan on asking Mr. M. what color he would like first.
Although he does threaten to use every color from the EXTRA selection I have in the basement. Ha ha.

Mr. M. is a huge FORD man.

I would love to paint him a sign on one of the walls.


12 X 12 Square Built Ford Tough Sign - 60065

Ford Service Vintage Sign

In fact I love all of these signs.

Some artwork would look nice too.

I am thinking of a nice light grey with the Ford blue in a couple of vertical stripes.

colors found at Home Depot

He even said I can paint the floor if I do it with some nonslip paint.

I want to include some of Mr. M.'s fireman plaques and extra gear, along with old baseball jerseys too.
I want him to know how much we appreciate and love him for all that he does for us.
This is where he is king.
As long as I get to use his tools too.

He has also been on the look out for an old Ford truck for us to work on together.
For the future, for when the house is done.

We both have the ability to see great potential in old beat up things.
And we know that paint can really make a difference.

The sooner we can get the garage done, then we can move up to the master bedroom.
Busy, busy, busy.

And how about you?
How is your summer going?


  1. My Hubby is a Ford Man too and he would love a big garage like yours. We are doing a few remodel projects this year. Right now we are making a bedroom smaller so we can make a laundry room. I will be showing more of the room Friday. Can't wait to see your man cave when finished.

  2. I like the Ford Service sign. I cannot believe you are hanging all that drywall! When that job is done you need a celebration and a vacation. You guys are awesome!

  3. Very true. Considering the size of the garage and the amount of drywall supplies to be hung, this is going to be one huge undertaking. Doing it on my own literally frightens me.


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