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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Celebrating Spring in the House

We are almost done working on the addition.
That means the assessor has to come in.
We had a lot of work dust to clean up.

I thought I would share some pictures of the house as it is today.

We still love the wood floors that we installed at Christmas time. 
We only have the two boys rooms to install the wood floors.

 I don't know if I can ever cover the wood with a rug.

I brought in some blues and pinks for my spring/summer colors.
I can't wait to get to the nursery and pick out flowers for my planters.

Do you like the white dresser?
We brought it up from the basement to eventually go into the kids bathroom.
I am hunting for a sink, for now, this is where it works.

I do not for one second doubt my choice of white slipcovers.
Pop them in the wash no problem!

I picked up some sale tulips on my lunch hour.
The house smells divine. 

There are certain things that I just love about my home.
This picture is one. 
Comfort, beauty.

Looking from the living room into the office.

Looking from the office to the living room.

Some more bright colors for spring.

One of the reasons I do not blog as much is that 
 I am getting my home to the point of loving it all.
There is no need to change.

Oh, I paint to cover life with 3 children, but the colors are the same.

There is less furniture moving.
I am also bringing less clutter into the house.
Moving more out actually.

The kitchen looking into the mud room.


Kids zone central in the mud room.
I have yet to paint any sayings on the wall.

The mud room looking into the kitchen.
We love, love, love the kitchen.
It is our hub.
Our gathering place.

The kids do their homework and eat breakfast in the kitchen.
Dinner is in the dinning room.

Hallway look towards front door.

Our new double oven stove we just love, love, love.
It makes cooking for large parties so much easier.

Mr. M. will agree that the center island is not always this clean.
It is easy to set a few things down and before you know it.
I try to make sure every Saturday morning it is totally cleaned off so we can start out the week with a clean slate.

I have been slowly bringing out my pretty rose dishes and sprinkling them throughout the house.

Our huge double sink is one of my favorite finds when we were building the house.

A mix of furniture found at antique shops.

As you can see the island is what you see first no matter what door you enter in the house.
It was custom made and is a statement piece.

This is the top of the stairs.

I love the cabinet filled with vintage quilts.
You can see a little of the painted floor rug.
Not sure if I love it, that is why I really haven't shown pictures.
After all the work I am not sure if I want to paint over it.

That is the house after a good spring cleaning.

Now that baseball season/gardening season is upon us,
 we are hardly ever in the house.  
At least it is clean.

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  1. I love the blue you added to the living room and the green and white striped hallway! So pretty!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't think I ever realized what a master you are at layering beautiful objects to create such a pretty overall look. Love the way you've layered shelves and plates and other goodies from floor to almost the ceiling. It's beautiful! I'm pinning. :)

  3. Wowzer! This post is my favorite post of yours. It is all gorgeous. I'm sure I'll be back many times for inspiration. Everything is so beautiful yet looks comfortable, too, so that your family can relax in it. What a home...Carly in TN

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed this tour of your gorgeous home!! I love your style :)

  5. LOVE your home...all of it, especially the kitchen! :)

  6. I love your beautiful kitchen!
    Your newest follower,

  7. Your home is lovely. I specially love the striped walls in the hallway. Did you paint them or is it wallpaper? Love the kitchen French doors and your sink! I want one like that someday.

  8. You have a gorgeous home. I love your decorating style.

  9. Oh, thank you for sharing a tour of your homr! I loved every inch of it - I see why you don't have much to change, it is already perfect!

  10. Beautiful! I ABSOUTELY love that case piece you have in your dining room? The wood grain with the glass doors!!! IF you EVER want to sell that - PLEASE let me know!!!


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