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Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Tree


I even have a Christmas tree in my office.
This tree has mainly black and white decorations.
This is the tree where I could be creative and use items that were generally not used on most trees.
Or so I thought, that is until I started blogging and found other women who like to decorate more than one tree in their home, and they use black and white.
I am so glad I have found other women who like to be creative with their decorating.

Even in the daytime the tree looks happy.

Here is one of my favorite memories from when I was young. 

As a child my parents celebrated Christmas Eve with another couple that we had known since we were babies and we even called them Aunt and Uncle.  They would come over and play cards with my parents while we kids played together or watched A Christmas Carol on TV. 
My mom was always dressed up fancy in her dress and high heels. 
The house was always festively decorated and the food was always abundant and delicious. 

One year my sister and I swore we heard jingle bells on the roof, of course thinking back now, I am sure my my Uncle had something to do with it but boy did we ever think Santa was on that roof.

I loved to lie right next to the Christmas tree and look up at it with all of the colored lights and ornaments twinkling in the night.

Look how festive and bright the tree looks at night.

I used leftover Halloween black fabric to make bows.
Another of my little snow girls.
I just love my paper garland that I made after getting inspiration from Amy at Vintage Market Place.

This is the tree that I will put my music sheet ornaments to go along with my music paper chain. 
 I also made some black button garland and black button ornaments. 

I used a vintage lamp base as my tree stand it fits perfectly.
Then I put the tree up on my zebra chair and I love how it all looks.

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How is your Christmas or Holiday decorating going?


  1. Mine starts Dec. 8th (an Argentinian tradition) and I hope it turns out as good as yours!!

  2. Looks beautiful. Have a kid home sick today so no decorating for me for at least one more day-
    I'll just enjoy yours instead.
    thanks for sharing,

  3. ...LOVE it!! The top hat is just soooo wonderland like:)
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Hope you have an awesome week!
    Love your decorations...beautiful!

  5. Hi, love the decorations. You always do a great job decorating. The three little soldier men can I ask where you got them? They are so cute. Tracy

  6. Tracy I tried to email or go to your blog but no success so I hope you get your answer here. The three little soldier men are from ACMoore, I bought them last year at an after Christmas sale, I was so tickled when I was able to find three. I looked on the bottom and all it says is made in China.

  7. Your tree is so pretty! I am obsessed with black and white myself. :) I love the PEACE ornament and the garland!
    Sorry I have been MIA....Health issues, as usual.
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
    Health and happiness,

  8. This is a gorgeous tree. I love it! I really like the way you placed it on the zebra patterned chair.

    Keep em coming. You know how we love to look at pretties.


  9. Girl you have tons of energy! And you have some lovely trees! The last one is my fave!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the button garland!!!!

  11. What a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L blog!!!! So enjoyed my visit. Glad we've connected!

  12. What a wonderfully romantic tree you have there.
    Ness xx

  13. Hi there again, I have been emailing since you emailed me about the Jeanne wd Arc Living magazine, I'm guessing you're not receiving my emails? Sometimes they go right to spam files because of the biz name I guess. Just wanted you to know to look there, Thanks so much! Lisa

  14. Decorate one for me(since I don't put one up anymore!)-it looks beautiful-love the white and black!


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