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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Around The House

Now that the dust is starting to settle from Christmas.
I thought I would share some random Christmas decoration pictures.

Kitchen window sill.

This is in the guest bathroom next to our kitchen.

Dinning room mantel.

Silver in the dinning room.

Front door entrance.

Front hallway.

Living room chandelier.

Living room shelf.

Living room mantel.

Santas in the living room.

Desk in master bedroom.

Love the gold and real pine cones.

Table by the master closets.
Great deal on wreaths from TRADER JOE'S.

Oh yeah Buffalo has a Trader Joe's!

More huge pine cones on the master bedroom mantel. 

Mantel in the master bedroom. 

I am just loving the wood and white and green together.
Throw in some buttons, a candle and gold, you have a perfect match.

Secretary in the master bedroom.

Perfect spot for a morning coffee.
Project for the New Year is to slipcover these two chairs.

My favorite spot in the house.

All of the chandeliers are up.


Dear Virginia Yes there is Santa Claus.
I got this great idea for using my vintage typewritter and the letter to Virginia from The Refeathered Roost.

Christmas chalkboard.

Favorite tree in the kitchen.

Kitchen mantel.

I hope your Christmas was special.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

From Arbor House Lane.

Monday, December 23, 2013

New Hall Way

I thought I would show you what I have been doing besides get all those trees decorated for Christmas.

Our new hallway.

As part of the new addition we put up some new walls in our old bedroom to make a bedroom for my son and a new hallway to our new master bedroom.

Some of you may already know, I like to paint my walls.  A lot.

This door is the entrance to our new bedroom.
It was the door to my husbands closet until we busted through.
I must say it did surprise us.
We had one of those moments where you open up a wall and find a pipe.
We worked through it though.

This corner is new, these two walls were not here.
To the right is the entrance to my son's room.
He will tell you, HE LOVES HIS NEW ROOM! 
He will give a tour after the new year.

This entrance was to our old bedroom.
We removed the door and widened the doorway.
The diamonds were already there, I just had to fix them after the renovation.

I went from diamond to horizontal stripes.
Downstairs we have vertical stripes.
While Mr. M. was out of town for work, the kids helped me draw the lines and I painted them.  He never knows what new thing he is going to come home to.

Entrance to new master bedroom and entrance to master bathroom.
For now we left the entrance to the old master bath room, we have another entrance from our new room.
We plan to either block the door or take it out altogether.  
It's a privacy thing.

Old hallway diamonds leading to kids bedrooms.

And that is what keeps me busy these days.
I am looking forward to lots of painting and sewing in the new year.

I have to work today so I will show more Christmas pictures of the house later tonight.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Trees of Arbor House Lane

 Christmas Tree!
O Christmas Tree!
How Lovely Are Your Branches!
In Beauty Green Will Always Grow
Through Summer Sun And Winter Snow.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
How Lovely Are Your Branches!
They are DONE!

Living room tree.
Colorful, a mix of new and vintage ornaments make it a grand tree.

Dinning room tree.
To try something new, I added a little blue.
Dinner by tree light is always the best.

Office tree.
Time, a valuable treasure.
Many of these ornaments I made with sheet music and vintage book pages.
I think my favorite is the paper chain made from vintage sheet music.

Kitchen tree.
My favorite of all.
Full of white!
Snowmen, buttons, bows, angels and lots more.

Basement tree.
Gold and glitter says it all.

Pretty in PINK.
My daughters tree loaded with delicate vintage ornaments mainly of pink.

Nutcracker Prince.
My oldest son's tree with colorful vintage ornaments and nutcrackers.

Teddy bears.
My youngest son's tree is filled with teddy bears of all different sizes.

Behold the master tree of gold.
A very close second as a new favorite tree.

Red, red, red.
You can not miss this little tree as it greets you in the mud room.


Twinkle, twinkle.
I could not leave out the garage for after all,
 there must be a tree in front of those french doors.
It greets me every day when I come home from work.
A happy little tree that needs no ornaments. 

I hope you enjoyed my trees.