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Saturday, January 19, 2013

In Case You Thought I Dissapeared

I didn't.
I took a sick week.
The kids.

No not Mr. M.
Although, I did threaten to lick him.

It all started last Saturday, such a wonderful day off with lots of plans.
But, not for a sick child.
The little guy came down with the flu first.
OK, I can handle this, give him some Tylenol, a comfy spot on the couch and a day of rest and movies.
The older kids were enjoying the day of leisure.

What were Mr. M. and I doing?
Glad you asked.
The angels sing as we ripped out the carpeting in the office and laid the new pine floor all in one day.
In between gluing and screwing.....I made sure the little guy was doing OK.

We were able to finish getting the floors in and Mr. M. planned on picking up the sander on Sunday to finish the job.
Then it happened, the unthinkable.

No...............this can not happen, I have too much to do.


I spent the day on the couch with the little guy while Mr. M. did the work.

I wish I could have stayed at home Monday too, but alas I had to go to work because my job has a odd way of dealing with sick days.  
Mr. M. stayed home with one sick child, but as the day progressed he ended up with all three children home sick.  Good thing I was going to have the next three days off.

The floor, each day I would look at it almost done.
Not forgotten, just put off. 


As I type, Mr. M. is finishing up the stain.
Then we are going out for lunch because it smells.

Funny, the room looks smaller without any furniture in it.
Tomorrow we will put a couple of coats of poly on.
 During the week we will put 2 more coats of poly on and I will repaint the walls and trim.
Then comes the fun part of  deciding what goes back into the room.

When we finished the living room, not all the furniture made it back in.
I must say I am doing well will the less cluttered look.
BUT, the basement seems to have some extra furniture now.

I hope you are all well and have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Projects For The New Year

This week I spend time putting away all of the Christmas decorations.
Reflecting on the past, projecting on the future.

I am happy with most of last year.
I have made it through another year at my job and I still enjoy going to work each week.
I have scaled back my blogging, spending more time doing projects in the house and gardens.
No, I did not get all accomplished, but that is OK, it just leaves me busy with projects for the next year.

Some favorite pictures of Christmas 2012.

I am looking forward to putting the pine wood floor in the office.
We are taking each room one at a time.
After seeing how wonderful the living room turned out, we can't wait to put the wood in all of the rooms.

The big project of the year.
Of course, will be to continue to work on our garage/mud room/master bed room addition.
Each year we are closer to the end.
Last year we were able to install garage doors, tubes for radiant floor heating, electrical.
All we are waiting for is the heat to be connected and we can go for our next inspection.
Then we have some major work to do-insulation, drywall.

Actually Mr. M. and I are looking forward to the work.
We work well together.
We enjoy the time together on our home, our dream home.

The end result will be a huge garage for our cars, tools and storage.
A mud room to store all the kids shoes, boots, coats, backpacks.
So the mess is not in the connecting kitchen.
Cubbies for their stuff.
Another closet for extra storage.
Cabinets for my gardening tools.
A checkered floor.
Chore boards.

I also have another set of twin wing back slipcovers to sew just like these ones.

In fact, they will almost look the same with only a different bedspread fabric.  

They will go in the new master bed room when it is done.
I have been dreaming of how I want to decorate the room.
It is big, really big 24 x 29. 
It will be our sanctuary.
A place for just him and me.
His and her walk in closets are a must.
Small laundry room.
A seating corner for reading and watching television.
A fireplace.
A desk for a coffee station and laptop.
The room will be connected to the already existing master bathroom.
 A place to go when we have teenagers in the house.

I have a lot to dream about.
It is going to be mostly white too.
With blue.

I have lots to do in this New Year.
How about you?

Who says the parties have to end.
Let's celebrate the New Year.
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