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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Hoppy Day

Happy Easter!

Easter  celebrated at Arbor House Lane.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The New Laundry Room

Until we built the addition and added a laundry room.
Laundry was done in the basement.

 Now it is in the master bedroom.

So far, it is a good start.

The vintage cabinet was in the basement waiting for the perfect spot.

I have been compiling pictures of how I wanted the room to look.

I am loving the stripes on the wall.
I am thinking of horizontal, but more like a grain sack inspired look in light blue.


I think I have some of my son's blue paint left over that will work perfectly.

There's that color again, but it is just paint and easy to cover if I change my mind.

This is basically how small the laundry room is.
I did not want it to be huge, wasted space to me.

Cream Canvas Liner/Basket, Sm




I do plan on adding shelves on the side of the cabinet for plenty of storage for necessities.

I am still looking for a shelf and hooks for the side wall.
They can not protrude too much that we hit our heads.

I also plan to hang the vintage ironing board in the room too.

Wall words to inspire.

Laundry Room Wash Dry Fold Repeat Vinyl Decal Stickers Wall ...


A rug for the floor.

Cambridge Rug

It does make it easier to do a quick load of wash while getting ready for work.
I simply fold on the bed and the kids come and get their piles to put away.

I love that the new laundry room is not all the way in the basement.
Although, we do miss the days when we could just open the basement door and toss the dirty laundry down.

Today it is not even 8:00 and 65 degrees already.
I am not thinking about laundry on such a beautiful day.

I hope Spring has arrived for you too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ugly Footstool and A Couple of Shower Curtains

I finally have a new sewing machine.
I think it will be able to handle making lots of new slipcovers.
After breaking a second sewing machine in 2 weeks.
I am very happy with my new Janome 525S.

I was able to finish making a little slip for an ugly footstool.

A perfect seat for the kids to put their shoes on and off.

The bird fabric is a shower curtain I found at HomeGoods.
The striped fabric is also a shower curtain I found at Sally.
I love how the two look together.

I decided to go with a pleat instead of a ruffle.
I do not measure so a few may be off.
But, I have to wait for my new ruffler to come in the mail.

I was going to move the aqua dresser to the living room for the summer.
However, I am really liking how the color looks in the mud room.

My daughter's birthday is this week.
We will be busy preparing for her birthday party.
Next week I have already have three slipcovers cut and ready for sewing.

Can you tell I am in the mood for Spring?

It is starting to warm up, the snow is gone and I really think this might be 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Look For an Almost Teen

Now that our youngest son's room is almost done.
I have decided to work on his brother's room.

Going on 12 he is almost a TEEN!

He still likes to play cowboy.

I wanted to guide him towards choices that he can grow into.
I don't want to change his room for many years.
I have been told that I may not want to enter his room once he reaches teen years.

I want it to be creative.
I want it to express him.

I gave him a Restoration Hardware catalog so I can have an idea of what he likes.

8 oz. #PPF-29 Traditional Gray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample


8 oz. #6794 Silver Gray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Home Depot

Metal shelves.

Home Depot

Taking a desk he already has and transforming it with paint,
 to look something like this.

Restoration Hardware

I am going to let him get creative with one of the walls.
Something like this.

children / teen / Kids Bedroom Graffiti mural - hand painted Josh urban Detail graffiti bedroom design #graffitibedroom #interior design
Both found on Pinterest.

Graffiti bedroom art for sale | Hire a graffiti artist | Graffiti artists for hire | Custom murals | Mural artists | Muralist for hire | Professional graffiti

My sister's boyfriend agreed to help with the creative painting.
I think we will try to incorporate his name and some of his drawings.

A large world map.

National Geographic physical map of the world

Great Big Canvas

On another wall we will have a white board for him to draw on and erase if he wants.

 I have a simple chair to reupholster in black leather.
He expressed a want for a medium sized couch to lounge on and read.
I like a challenge, so I am on the look out for a simple couch I can slipcover.

Extra fabrics I will bring into the room include;

I am on the search for interesting sweaters and shirts that I can turn into pillows.

I am hoping these projects can get me through until Spring actually decides to show up.