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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As Sweet As Can Be

A tree for a Princess, Princess Arden that is.
Each of my children has a tree in their room.
They are just little 4' trees but I try to personalize each tree to each child.
My daughter's tree theme is


A favorite bear dressed all in pink holds rein at the top of the tree.

I have been collecting vintage pink ornaments ever since my daughter was a baby,
 when I first put a Christmas tree in her room.
My children get very excited when they know it is time to put up the trees,
 they are now old enough to help without worrying that they may break the ornaments.
Yes I do use glass ornaments, my children have learned to respect antiques in my home.

  My daughter also has some of her own ornaments on her tree that she has made,
 or been given from various school and home projects.
Each tree is on a timer so the lights go on in the morning for a few hours while the kids are getting ready for school and it turns off when the bus comes, and the lights go back on again before they get home from school and off just around bed time.  
My children know the rules; the tree does not get turned on until Thanksgiving day and then they are turned back off the day after Christmas break.

It is a special treat for them to each have their own tree and it makes them feel special.

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Have you been keeping track?
Do you know how many trees I have shown so far?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Tree


I even have a Christmas tree in my office.
This tree has mainly black and white decorations.
This is the tree where I could be creative and use items that were generally not used on most trees.
Or so I thought, that is until I started blogging and found other women who like to decorate more than one tree in their home, and they use black and white.
I am so glad I have found other women who like to be creative with their decorating.

Even in the daytime the tree looks happy.

Here is one of my favorite memories from when I was young. 

As a child my parents celebrated Christmas Eve with another couple that we had known since we were babies and we even called them Aunt and Uncle.  They would come over and play cards with my parents while we kids played together or watched A Christmas Carol on TV. 
My mom was always dressed up fancy in her dress and high heels. 
The house was always festively decorated and the food was always abundant and delicious. 

One year my sister and I swore we heard jingle bells on the roof, of course thinking back now, I am sure my my Uncle had something to do with it but boy did we ever think Santa was on that roof.

I loved to lie right next to the Christmas tree and look up at it with all of the colored lights and ornaments twinkling in the night.

Look how festive and bright the tree looks at night.

I used leftover Halloween black fabric to make bows.
Another of my little snow girls.
I just love my paper garland that I made after getting inspiration from Amy at Vintage Market Place.

This is the tree that I will put my music sheet ornaments to go along with my music paper chain. 
 I also made some black button garland and black button ornaments. 

I used a vintage lamp base as my tree stand it fits perfectly.
Then I put the tree up on my zebra chair and I love how it all looks.

If you have not already entered my giveaway then please click on TREE and make sure you comment on on that post for a chance to win.

How is your Christmas or Holiday decorating going?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Christmas Giveaway

Arbor House Lane
 is having it's first giveaway!

My favorite tree in the kitchen.

The other day while I was untangling a mess of Christmas lights my son said "mom why do you do the trees?" I told him that I love every moment of Christmas and all that goes into getting our home ready for the holidays. Every task from untangling lights, putting trees together, lighting Christmas trees, hanging ornaments and decorations around the house, shopping, wrapping, baking and cooking, I enjoy it ALL!
The spirit of Christmas and the feeling of giving to others.
I love it ALL!

I have lots of SPIRIT and I would like to pass some on to you.

For this giveaway I am going to give one winner
one music sheet ornament,
one button ornament,
one music sheet tree
and one 3' button garland. 


Because it is fun to receive a gift that is just for you.  

 I am sharing some of my favorite things with you!

Now here is what you have to do.
For one chance to win, you have to leave a comment guessing how many Christmas trees I put up in my house. 
( I will give you a clue...more than 5 and less than 20.)

For a second chance to win, you have to leave a comment telling me of one of your favorite Holiday traditions.

Finally, a third chance spread the word and post about the giveaway on your blog or put my giveaway button on your blog.

This giveaway will end December 2th, on December 3th I will announce the winner along with pictures of all my Christmas trees.
Happy Holidays!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Teacup Tree

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family at my father's home and we enjoyed tasty food,
lots of laughs and yummy pie.
  Friday I will be out early bird shopping with my sister while my husband and children sleep in.
I prepared my post early so that I would not miss out joining Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday, Vintage Christmas.
Also, in keeping with the holiday festiveness I have discoved a new blog called Tinsel and Company and I am joining them for Deck the Halls Friday.

For the past six or so years I have been decorating a special tree in my dinning room and it has become one of my favorite trees in my home.

Yes, you did read TREES.

I decorate this tree using my vintage teacups tied on with white ribbon, white roses, white doves and a mix of large and small white ornaments.

I couldn't forget my little snow girls that hang in my white decorated trees.
  Sometimes I find special ornaments that are added to the tree throughout the Christmas season.

My children love to eat dinner during the month of December by Christmas tree light.

I have had to explain to my children that most homes do not have as many Christmas trees as we do and that their mom is kind of crazy with the trees.  My darling Mr. M. said "no, mom's not crazy, she is just overly festive."  My kids piped in "yeah, mom is the festivist mom ever."

So, to celebrate my festiveness I am going to have a GIVEAWAY. 
 Come back on Saturday for all the details.

Don't forget to stop by Common Ground and Tinsel & Company visit all of the Vintage Friday and Deck the Halls blogs.

VIF In December

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White Wednesday Shopping

Happy White Wednesday!

Last Wednesday I visited my new favorite shop THE FLOWER BARN, as I promised I am sharing it with you to celebrate White Wednesday with Kathleen from Faded Charm.

Aren't these signs amazing! 
 Our friend Kurt hand painted them, not only does he do signs but he also makes furniture too, I have several of his small cabinets in my home and they are beautiful one of a kind pieces.

The narrow cabinet is one of his creations also.

This picture is what you first see when you walk in the door, just beautiful. 
So many wonderful items to choose from.
 How do you like the bow and pearls on the rooster? 
 It is all in the details.
I would take one of everything if I could.

Do you see the painted silhouette in the corner, yep, Kurt painted that one also. 
 He used the pillow next to it as an inspiration and then he painted it on wood.
Kurt is so full of talent.  Beth has gone out of her way choosing just the right treasures that keep her customers coming back for more.

I went back today to buy some more candles and to mentally make my Christmas wish list......OH HONEY!

Every corner you turn there is a beautiful display of merchandise.

There are many different types of hand made one of a kind jewelry and decorations.

I also wanted to let you know about;

The Flower Barn
Holiday Open House
Friday November 26th 9-5 PM
Saturday November27 9-2 PM

7716 Rochester Rd., Gasport, NY
(716) 772-2099

It is a shopping experience that you don't want to miss. 

 You will enjoy locally & lovingly handcrafted items such as snowflake cookies, white doves carrying ribbons, hot pepper jelly, mittens embellished with antique buttons & lace, chocolate truffles and handpainted European floor cloths to mention a few.
An abundant selection of Swan Creek soy candles such as Snowy Nights, Warm Vanilla & Sugar & Mistletoe Kiss for that warm holiday feeling.
A unique shopping experience to be had by all this season with a vintage European touch.

Have a wonderful White Wednesday, make sure to visit Faded Charm and all of the other White Wednesday bloggers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Time For New Traditions

This year we are taking a break from tradition and most of my family is going to my father's home for Thanksgiving.

I am actually enjoying not having to prepare for the celebration.
When I asked Mr. M. if he would mind going to my father's home for the holiday, his response was;

Do I mind NOT help clean the house?
Do I mind NOT cooking the turkey?
Do I mind NOT having to help clean up the mess afterwards?
Do I mind NOT having my wife grouchy because the kids made another mess in the living room?
Do I mind NOT having to miss the football games?
Do I mind NOT being exhausted the day after Thanksgiving?


So after about 12 years of having Thanksgiving at our home I will be able to enjoy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade instead of mopping the kitchen floor.
I have started decorating my home for the Christmas Holidays early and this helps due to Mr. M. being MIA for a week during December and I am working for part of the month.
I am enjoying not having to rush around getting ready to host 14 people for the upcoming celebration,
 instead I am hanging out with my kids.
I am actually sitting down to enjoy my holiday magazines instead of reading them in the bathroom in between cleaning.
I am taking time to make some new Christmas ornaments for my home and my children's teachers.
I think we may just have to make this a new tradition.....Thanksgiving at Grandpa's house.

I must add Mr. M. is STILL making ALL of the Thanksgiving pies, yummmmmm.....pumpkin, apple, chocolate and lemon, oh my.  While I am at work on Wednesday he will be making 14 pies for our families. 
One reason that I am THANKFUL!
How about you, what are your Thanksgiving traditions?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday-Christmas Inspirations

Happy Friday everyone!

 I am joining Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday, and Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.  You will definitely want to take some time to visit both of these blogs and all of the creative bloggers who link to these parties, who knows where YOUR next inspiration may come from.

I was inspired this week to be creative.

So I was!

I was very busy indeed.

I finally took my new sewing machine out of the box and used my new RUFFLER.
Lots of fun and I am only getting started.

I quick sewed a slipcover for a small footstool I had in the basement. 
 I used a vintage table cloth to start with so I wouldn't make mistakes with my good fabric. 
 It is a good thing too! 
 Hahahaha, because there is a full ruffle where the side meets the top, but you can't see that because I sewed it on the INSIDE, oh well, this was just a test run with the new ruffler foot. 

I am going to be making ruffles ALL weekend long, Mr. M. is working this weekend so I can stay in my PJ's and sew to my hearts content. 

The kids and I are also going to be making lots of these little music sheet trees as gifts for their teachers.

This little tree is what inspired me.

I found this awesome music sheet tree on Urban Daisies the link leads you right to her tutorial. 

I also have been inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, but then again who is NOT inspired by this wonderful woman!  Here is the dresser she redid using sheet music, just one of the amazing ideas this woman has.
  If you have never seen her blog you must, don't even get me started on her slipcovers.

I also made these cute ornaments using sheet music and book pages. 
 If I can get my hands on some more papermache balls we will be making lots of these this weekend too. 
 I LOVE when it is a crafting weekend!

How about adding a little glitter to your life.

I bought some inexpensive flameless candles and coated one in glue and then poured on the sprinkles.
My daughter loves how it looks sparkly when you turn on the light. 

I hope you like what you see, some of this will be included in my giveaway, stay tuned for details.
Oh, did you notice the happy tree?
I am just getting started decorating, the boxes are coming out of the attic tonight.

I am going to have a wonderful weekend, how about you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day of Winning

Ok girls it's a HAPPY DANCE DAY!

I won! 

I just got back from a GREAT!!! day of shopping at my favorite places, Salvation Army and Goodwill. 
 I will show you my treasures in a moment, first I want to say thank you to Mimi from Vanilla Haven.
 You see, the first thing I look at when I open my blog is my new comments because I just love hearing from everyone.  To my surprise Mimi commented that I won her first giveaway; a gift of $35.00 to shop at CSN Stores.
YEAH!!!! This is the first time I have ever won a giveaway.
Thank you so much Mimi it just made my day even better.
 If you have not come across Vanilla Haven yet, then you must go and visit, Mimi has a wonderful blog.

Now for my treasures.

Ignore the tree in the background it jumped into my car when I wasn't looking.
I was going to start my my post with
 "Dear Chairs Anonymous I can explain......well maybe not."

  If you have not read some of my previous posts about my chair problem you can here and here.
 In my defense it is ALL MY SISTER'S FAULT, she is the one who told me that Goodwill has some chairs I may like.  See, now how can I fight that, and I could not split up the twins, aren't they just adorable? 
Now just imagine them with a coat of white paint to cover the blue and some white duck covers to make them even better.
I also picked up some silver ornaments, a cream sweater to make stockings for the fireplace and shirts to make pillow covers.

Did you notice the LAMP!
 Oh my gosh, I was walking out the door of the Salvation Army when I spied the lamp sitting on the donate floor, shoppers are not supposed to shop in the hallway of donates, but I could NOT leave without at least asking. 
YES!  They were in a good mood and priced it for me.
  Skipping all the way to the car, I had tingles I was so excited about the lamp.
 It has the look of  PB or Anthropologie, either way it is mine and I love it.

Today I am making happy trees.

First the trees get put together in the kitchen and then we give them lots of twinkling white lights to make them happy.  They will reside in the dinning room until after Thanksgiving when they will be put into their proper spots and decorated. 
I am going to make you wait and see how MANY I actually put up in my house.  In fact I just thought of a good idea for a giveaway, check back in a couple of weeks and I will give the details.

Today is a beautiful day, so I am hoping I can talk Mr. M. into putting new lights on the outside tree before snow comes and we have to do it in cold weather.

I hope you are having a wonderful day too!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Couch Dilemma

Some of you may remember I had posted last week about getting a new mattress delivered. 
Well, I wish I could say I am sleeping better, I AM NOT, but my husband is.

In fact this new foam mattress is like sleeping on a

So, I told him since I am now SLEEPING on the couch, we need a new couch. 

Off to IKEA we go.

I am not a crazy wife, I can go and buy almost anything without his approval, but a couch is not one of them.
Mr. M. sat, laid, flopped and then made the whole family try out both the regular sized couch and the over sized couch in two different styles.  He is still not convinced that we should get a new couch.
  I am not giving up yet.
  I did manage to leave with a few treasures for our home.

Off to Pottery Barn.

You see, he is feeling guilty that I am sleeping on the couch while he has the WHOLE king size bed, well somewhat guilty, we still have the mattress.  Now, I must tell you that our trip to IKEA took over 2 1/2 hours round trip, we had to go to Canada and back and I have to practically beg, plead and promise anything to get anyone to take me there.  Oh and we took the kids, hahahahahaha, insanity has settled in because Mr. M. did not bat an eyelash when I said lets go to Pottery Barn now and try their couches because they are the only other company that sells slipcovered couches that I like.  Meaning in WHITE of course.  Back in the car for another 45 minutes.  We have already gone to the bathroom no less than 5 times and the kids have had snack, lunch and another snack.


We are now at the Galleria Mall and Mr. M. is trying to find a parking spot at 4:00 on a Saturday, anyone who has shopped there is laughing, kind of like the needle in the hay stack situation.  Finally parked and dragging the kids to the mall.  A smile lights up my face, I see Pottery Barn, oh sigh, I do love the store, even if I only came to LOOK.  All dressed for Thanksgiving and most of the Christmas decorations already displayed.  I try to soak all of the ideas in amongst the pleas of my children that they are hungry, tired, and have to go pee AGAIN.  I made Mr. M. sit on each of the couches.  He says "well of course these feel better than the ones at IKEA, I am exhausted."  Of course I reply "but are they THREE times as better than the IKEA ones?  Because they cost that much more." 
He gave me the look. 
 Time to go home.
I bought some ribbon to decorate for Christmas, gathered a couple of catalogs for the ride and we were on our way home.

So do I make the 6 hour round trip to Pittsburgh and get an Ikea sofa cheaper than the Burlington one or do I stay local, pay three times as much for a Pottery Barn sofa? 
That is the dilemma.  What would you do?

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Found A WHITE Shop!

Oh, girls if we were talking you would hear the excitement in my voice.

I went shopping!!!!


  I found a shop just for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flower Barn
7716 Rochester Road
Gasport, NY 14067
It is located only minutes from the Lockport Country Club.

White, white and lots more of white.

I picked up my little guy from school and my original intention was to go antiquing and look for a desk for him and a new chandelier for me.  We hit a few Salvation Armys and I got lucky on the desk for him.  Then with the help of extra snacks that I packed for him, I was able to talk him into going to ONE MORE SHOP.

A friend had mentioned that I should stop in this shop because, knowing I love white I will like the shop.

Like it, no, more like I LOVE IT!

When you first drive up the first thing you notice is that the shop in located at the front of an old barn.
 Then you see all the wonderful decorations outside, an vintage buggy, dried floral, white bows, an old bench holding this beautiful OPEN sign and so much more.  I am trying to remember how it all looked because I know my words are not doing it justice.  Of course I did not have my camera with me, but I had an impatient 4 year old. 
Come on mom let's go inside. 

Now inside was even more amazing!
 The details are what make it a shop that you want to stay all day just taking your time looking at EVERYTHING!

I handed my son my purse so he could dig for gum or mints and it would keep him occupied for a few minutes while I looked.  The smell of the candle burning in the shop was so wonderful I bought one for myself and it is filling my home up with the scent of pumpkin vanilla as I type this post. 

Just to list a sampling of what you can find in this shop, beautiful hand crafted jewelry, Swan Creek Soy Candles, custom hand painted signs like you have never seen anywhere and the gentleman also makes one of a kind cabinets and furniture.  Hand painted floor clothes, WHITE and more white china, platters, plates and pitchers.  Homemade jellies and jams.  An array of beautiful things that I always love to be white, frames, mirrors, tables and chairs, lamps and linens.  Oh, and I can't forget the burlap pillows and she even has stenciled burlap drapes.  Flowers, I can't forget to tell you about flowers.  Not only is there a shop but Beth the owner is a florist and she makes the most amazing floral designs both fresh and dried.  As you can tell I am very excited to have found this new shop and I am only telling you about what I CAN remember, a 4 year old can only stand so much time in a shop like this.  Mom where are the TOYS?

Have I peaked your interest? 

Well, there is more!
I am going next week to take pictures to share with all of you.
This time I am going by MYSELF so I can take a better look.
 Seeing as I am my own best Christmas gift shopper I want to make sure I get a few things under the tree that I love. 
I have already informed Mr. M. that he can shop there from now on for all of my gifts, birthday, anniversary, Christmas and those JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU moments.

Here is what I bought today.

I found an adorable Christmas decoration.

Did you notice the cute bag and the black ribbon.
 I am an attention to detail person and this just speaks to me in volumes. 
Being a former shop owner I am picky about what I bring into my home and I have not found a shop that is so me, UNTIL NOW! 

Happy dance everyone!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The good news is the mattress company delivered our new mattress today.

The better news is they took away the bad one.

But, then there was the oops.


Now we I have to find a replacement.

looked through my stash.

The first one was too tall.

The next one was too small.

The next one just didn't look right.

The next one he said save for the hall.

The next one.
The next one.
He said "where are you getting all of these?"


Doesn't everyone have an extra chandelier or five?

Anyway, the last next one he said is just TOO white and it should stay in the shed.

Really, did you think I only had five, there were a few more but they had cloth covered wire,
and being the fireman that he is, they were not even worth showing him. 

The BEST news is I get to go antique shopping to find just the right chandelier.

I know what I am doing tomorrow, how about you?