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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WOW, It's A Party To BOOgie At

I've been featured at several blogs due to my SPOOKY decor.
No bones about it.
I love Halloween.

Thank you
Debra from Common Ground
Be Inspired
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Please stop by, there are so many creative people and such inspiration to be had.

Masses of crows make a big impact.
Each year I buy a bunch of them from the dollar store.
My daughter helps me wire them to a branch from the back yard.
They look like they are ready to fly down and attack anytime.

Skeletons are always in plenty too.
Each year the kids pick one out that they call theirs,
then they get to choose where it will go.

A simple skeleton head, glue gun blood, spiders and some fake barbed wire under a cloche can have such an effect.

The orange, yellow and red really stand out against the black and white.
I am always on the look out for something black the whole year round.

The vintage phone is a nice touch don't you think.
And, it works.
Mr. M. says it is the only phone he can find in the house because it is stationary.

Chalk board writing and prints found on the internet.
It does not have to be expensive or complicated to make it look spooky.

I found image this on the internet with instructions from

I am going to try and make one of these with the kids this weekend.

How are you getting SPOOKY?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It'sGetting A Little Spooky Around Here

Hey, did you think I disappeared or something?

Na, just busy, busy, busy.
School, work and DIY.

I did take a few days to get the boxes out of the attic.
It is time to get 

I have done only about half the decorations this year.
We are up to our 
in painting, sanding, and getting our addition finished before the snow falls.
It's Buffalo, we don't have much time.

Sadly to say, there will be no Halloween party this year, for kids or adults.
But, that's ok, at least I keep telling myself it is.

I know, I know, we have to get this addition finished first.
The two things that make me feel better are;
One- we will be having one hell of a party next year.
Two- I already have a Christmas tree picked out to put in front of the french doors in the garage.

Yep, this holiday has not even passed and already I am thinking of the next.
Crazy like that.

My son helped me get the decorations out.
I told him it is like Christmas morning for me when I open the containers.

I only have to get the lights in the windows, go through a couple more totes to pick out my favorites and then let the haunting begin.

The kids have their Halloween costumes picked out.
Again, I am feeling let down because I do not get to pick one out for myself.
I can always use an old one to take the kids out on Halloween night.

The weather has been wonderful here.
The leaves are turning beautiful colors.
Fall is such a great season.

We still have our screen windows on and I keep them open on my days off.

This guy is the only decorationg I wish I could leave up all year long.

This is a picture from last years kids Halloween party.
I like to go back and see how I decorated the year before.
What will I keep the same and what will I change.

The skeletons have already taken up residence in the dinning room.

The crows are everywhere.

You would think we have all the time in the world to be hanging around.

Mr. M. says I am working him to death.
From the looks of this guy, I better let him take a break.

We have already drywalled, painted and tiled the mudroom and laundry room.
The wood floor will be delivered next week. 
Then we have to install it just like we did the living room and study.
ALL 720 ft of it.

Don't even ask when we will get to the garage.
That is waiting for Spring, at least the drywall is up and it will make it warmer for the winter.

Ok, break is over.
There is painting to be done.

How, about you?
Are you ready to get SPOOKY?

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