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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debra's Design Challenge

We have all heard the saying;
 "two heads are better than one." 

Well, we just might have a CHALLENGE, design challenge that is.

What if there were an unlimited heads thinking with/for you?
Who doesn't have a space/room/area that they don't need a little help decorating?

Debra from Common Ground has come up with a unique idea.

I don't know about you but, I am taking my camera to the basement, I need some ideas for creating a
cozy family room that is child safe.

So, come on, go visit Debra, grab a button and put on your thinking caps, we have a new party to prepare for!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Whites

My poor garden has been neglected.

I have not had/taken time to water nor have we had much rain.

I have been giving the plants with the spent flowers a haircut and now my garden is at the ugly grow out stage.

Funny though, the colors on the plants and bushes that always seem to be in bloom throughout the seasons.

Can you guess?

Did you say WHITE?

I am so happy to have the privilege to join Kathleen from Faded Charm and all the other wonderful bloggers for WHITE WEDNESDAY!
Oh yeah, I'm back.

Then you would be right.

My white hydrangeas are in bloom.

They are so hardy.
I have brought some in the house, I love how they look in the ironstone pitchers.

Rose of Sharon.

Cone flower.

More fluffy hydrangeas.

I think this little garden might be my favorite.
I packed a lot in there.  Pea gee hydrangea, 2 white chairs with mixed white flowers, phlox and another white flowering plant that I am not sure of the name.

I just love how these urns turned out. 
 I will definitely try this plant combination out again next year.

So, I haven't exactly managed to kill off all of my plants this year.
BUT, thinking like a gardener, it just gives me reason to plant some new plants in the fall and spring.

How about you?
Any WHITES in your garden?

Thanks for visiting, I hope you didn't trip on any weed piles while you were here.
Make sure to stop by and visit Kathleen.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where I Create!

As stated in my last post, I killed the machine.
I wish I could say that we were able to get all of the information back, but no, not yet at least. 
We have sent the hard drive to an outside company to see if they can retrieve the information.

Oh well, no sense in dwelling on what I should have done and consider it a lesson learned. 

I am LATE to a party!

WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE with Karen from My Desert Cottage.

Let's get this PARTY started!

Seeing as I had all the extra non-computer time, I finished rearranging the room and fluffed a little more than it would have been last week. 

This picture is what I see when I peak into my blog room.

This room is small, only 9x11, but I know how to pack a room with furniture and not make it too crowded.
This room is always full of light from three large windows.

To me it is just perfect!

This is the desk where everything is done.
I have everything within arms reach.

My favorite pin board for inspirations.
Collections of my father's paintings turned into Christmas cards from years past.

Some of my mirror collection and a chicken wire frame to hang important notices.

My favorite fairy Clara, named so because she looks like my grandma.
She dances above my head hanging from the light fixture.

Beautiful Hydrangeas from my gardens and a stray baseball that I simply can't seem to get away from.

Important message on the chalk board.
Stay cool by swimming and BACKUP the computer!

This cabinet stores a variety of china that I can not bare to part with but do not decorate with.
I also use it to store paper for the computer and school supplies for the kids.


I love the look of this topiary, who happens to be in need of a haircut.
Green and white my favorite color combination.

A simple secretary I bought at a garage sale and painted white last year. 
The drawers are packed with some of my craft supplies that I like to keep handy for when I get in the mood to create something.

I make sure to have plenty of buttons on hand.

This is the first slipcover that I made. 
I am glad to say that I have improved, but I love this couch.
It is a great place for the kids to come and chat with me while I am on the computer.

Now I am off to join the family for some early Sat. morning cartoons.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my blog room.
Make sure to close the door when you leave.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lesson Learned!

No pictures just as short post.

I learned a lesson this week.

NEVER rearrange your blog room the day before you are supposed to post about it for
WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE 2011 blog party!

NEVER move your computer hardware until you have turned off your computer.
Yep, I did!
Now Mr. M. the computer guy is working on trying fix our hard drive and recover our info.


All I want is my pictures, nothing else is important.

So, I am sorry for all of you that came to visit because I was supposed to be linked up to
My Desert Cottage for WHERE I CREATE. 
Make sure to stop by and visit all of the other bloggers and see where they create. 
If I get my computer back I will do my post.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, YES I AM GOING THROUGH BLOGGER WITHDRAWAL
BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Today I went treasure hunting at a small flea market in Gettsville, not too far from my home.
I met up with my girlfriend visiting from CA, she and I spent most of our summers together as kids.
We got to the flea market early so we wouldn't miss out on too much.

I know I didn't!


It is hard to choose what my favorite is.

I found these vintage wooden type blocks. 
I was only going to buy my favorite #'s and letters, but I took a chance and asked how much for all?
(run away before she figures out how much I probably should have paid)

A small bag of assorted jewelery for making tags.

A silver ice bucket. 

Two tins FULL of buttons.
I will be sorting tonight during movie night.

Not one
TWO white iron urns!


Vintage English ironstone pitcher.

Great colors on a vintage quilt from one of my favorite vendors and a good friend of mine.

I also found a crocheted edge runner and a chippy header trim that will make a great shelf.

I think my girlfriend had fun too, even though she has to worry about breakage and shipping, she did manage to find a pretty English rose teacup and saucer to take home.

I am glad we went early because it left the rest of the day to lounge by the pool.

I hope you are having a great day too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dressed for Parties

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

I have been busy as I am sure many of you at this time of year.
Lots of baseball, swimming, gardening and birthday planning.

I thought I would share some photos of my home as I took them just minutes before my guests arrived for our annual 4th of July party and my son's birthday.
I literally cut these roses earlier that morning.
I love the combination of all the different colors of roses.

Look Sara, I made my 4th decoration.
The little piece of wood I bought while on vacation with my girlfriend and I had this final picture in mind.  I am so glad it turned out perfect.

The dinning room is one of my favorite rooms in my home,
 sadly to say it also one of the most unused rooms. 
 But, it still looks pretty waiting.

Here is the cabinet that I finally finished painting with the chalk paint.
I did wax it with clear wax but no distressing, daily life with three children will take car of that.

Here is a peak at the new fire pit area, it is just beyond the path leading from the brick patio.
We had a wonderful day!
The weather was perfect, the food was plentiful and the air was filled with laughter. 
Family parties just can't be beat!

I am happy to be joining Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.


 Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

And Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.

Feathered Nest Friday

 Make sure to stop by and visit these lovely blogs for inspiration.
I want to thank everyone who stops by and have a wonderful weekend.