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Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween, Not Just For Kids

We hosted our Annual Halloween Party again this year.
I did not post this earlier because I did wanted it all to be a surprise for my guests.
There is an overload of photos.

Witches in the mud room.

Of course we have bats in the bathroom.

Bugs on the walls.

Eyeballs everywhere.

All the mantels are decked out,

The dinning room is all set for guests.

Amazing what you can do with some candy eyeballs and red glue.

Bats on the walls. 

The garage was ALL decked out for the party.

The noose came in very handy for photos.

Oh we have spiders.

Fun ghosts inspired from pinterest. 

The garage in daylight. 


See everyone wanted a picture.

The cat lady.
I had to keep hiding my cat from her.

Mr. and Mrs. Mummy.

Shots out of urine sample cups.
Yep I do go a little crazy.

Guests having fun.

The wall of gross pictures.

Those eyes.

My sister the Queen of Hearts or is she?
Her boyfriend the Mad Hatter. 
They make such a cute couple.

Mr. Halloween getting goofy.
I couldn't have done all of this without him.

The day of the dead.

The little nerds.

She is the creator of the jello shots.

The hanging candle lights were easy to make and not too costly.
Everyone wanted their picture taken in front of them.

Halloween in the living room.

 It was a fun spooky night.
Thanks for stopping by.