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Here are some pictures of my home decorated for past Halloween parties. 

We have been having an adult Halloween party for several years.

The best part is coming up with new ideas each year.

Paper bats on the wall.
A simple but effective decoration.
I save mine in a bag and use them year to year.

Bloody gum eyeballs.
A huge bag of gumball eye lasts a long time.
I remind the kids to not eat them because they are several years old. Yuck!

A sign I painted using an idea from a magazine picture.

There isn't anything in the house that can be made spooky.

Who doesn't like bats in the bathroom.

This is what the bathroom looks like for the party.
Dark and creepy.

We have a coffin or two in case someone gets scared to death.

You may notice I have used mostly black, white and orange and red as my extra colors.

Each year I add a couple of new decorations.
These two skeletons were simply guests that over stayed their welcome.

A favorite decorating tool is the glue gun blood.
My kids and I had a fun time using it to make everything bloody.

Simple dollar store crows wired to branches from the back yard.
My kids help me twist them on.

The gloves are tied to white string and thumb tacked to the ceiling.
When it is dark you really do not see them.
Until you bump into them, gives a little scare.

I made the pillows from black sweaters found at Sally's.

Orange pillows made from button down shirts and sweaters from Sally's.
I just take them off the pillows and store the slips with my seasonal decorations.

We only light our parties with orange light, black light and candle light.
It creates quite a spooky mood.

For the year 2012 we decided to switch things up a bit and host a children's Halloween party.
It is much more labor intensive to entertain 20 children than it is adults.
The party was a success and I think the kids had an amazing time.

Paper bats made from templates found on Martha Stewart's website.

We decided to move the party to the garage for the kids.
I decorated it just like I would the house.
I even hung a chandelier.

We were expecting guest for dinner.

Sometimes it is the littlest things that make it special.
These simple Halloween marshmallow pops were a hit.

I hope I have inspired you with my Halloween decorations.
Thanks for stopping by.