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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All Done In White

The only thing that was 
on my to-do list.
Paint the kitchen.
That is exactly what I started last weekend.

I have finally painted the kitchen WHITE!
After 17 years of the green.
I convinced Mr. M. that it was OK to go white in the kitchen too.
He likes it.
The room seems brighter now.

Early morning in the sunshine.
I still have plates and paintings to hang on the walls.
So far, I love the change.

As you can see I chose an off white for the walls and bright white for the trim.
I have the same color white for all the trim in the house.

I love how my antique white furniture look against the new wall color.

I decided to take out the faux mantel and we will turn it into a shelf to hang under the mirror.

We have started looking for the granite for the counter top and tile for the back splash.
It will basically look like the picture below.
Except I have cherry cabinets on the bottom and distressed white on top.

Image by: CounterEdge

We only have a small area that we would have to replace.
The cost will be minimal. 
Our large work area in the kitchen is the island.

As much as I would love to have white marble, 
it really would not go well with all the colors in the room.

Once the kitchen is done I will start painting my way up to the third floor.
After so many years the trim needs a fresh coat of paint.

Hopefully by the time I finish painting the weather will be warm.
I know the weeds need to be taken care of.

I am ready for Spring!