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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Suprise For My Sweetheart

Mr. M. is coming home today.
I missed him.
I always do when he is gone.

I have a surpise for him when he gets home.

My sister came over and helped me move some furniture.
She is awesome like that.

This is what he will see when he gets home today.
He has no idea I snuck some furniture in.

This is how it looks today.

This is a picture from the night before.

To fall asleep by tree light is always the best.

We were able to assemble and hang the second chandelier.
I love how it matches the sconces.
This chandelier also looks a lot like other chandeliers we have in the rest of the house.

It hangs above our bed.

I am so excited this room is coming together.

It's All About The Trees

Yes, I may have started decorating for Christmas.
Thanksgiving is being celebrated at my father's house.

I may have a tree 
or two
 or three
 maybe more 
that have started getting the Christmas treement.

The kids
 may have
helped me get all twenty something storage buckets out of the attic.

may have
 picked a new color for the dinning room tree or my master tree.

May smay.

Dang straight I have.

Here is a peak at my trees in progress.

This is the tree in the new master bedroom.
I am trying out different colors and have not yet chosen a final look.

A few pieces on the mantel and two enhanced stockings are hung.
I brought one of my slipcovered chairs up from the basement.

Here is the tree at the end of the day.
I am leaning toward cream and gold.
The blue is there because I am trying turquoise, but I don't think it will stay.

Maybe it will look better in the dinning room.
I have started working on that tree too.

See there's the blue again.
I am still trying.

And the basement tree.

This tree is done in mostly gold and vintage except for the Santas I made and a few I found last year at Kohls.

I did borrow some to use for my bed room tree.

This is the room where the kids retreat to watch cartoons or a movie.
You didn't think I would forget the basement did you?

And you?
Hows your decorations going?
Are you a wait until after Thanksgiving or have you started now?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bling In The New Master Bedroom

We are starting to hang the lighting.
So far one vintage chandelier and two sconces are up.

We have one new crystal chandelier to put together and some parts to buy for the vintage ones before they can be installed.

 This chandelier is only missing one set of crystals.

Even though the sconces are new, I love how they look.

We started working on the closets too.
So far one side of shelving units is almost done in my closet.  
How do you like my lighting on the floor?  
You do what you have to do.
Electricity is still being worked on.

Mr. M.'s closet. 
Half done.
We made sure the Lazy boy fit.

Today we are visiting Home Depot for door and window trim.
It is hard to match trim from 15 years ago when we built the house.
So far we have been able to locate most of it still being made in Canada.

Maybe when it is ready for pickup I can talk Mr. M. into a trip to Ikea.

I am getting impatient to move into the room.
It is so close but so far.

Oh, I also have a mini forest going on in the kitchen, Christmas trees are being dressed with lights.

And you, are you getting ready yet?.
I hope you are having a wonderful week.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There's A Lazy Boy in My Bathroom

This remodel has finally invaded the whole house.
We had to empty the new bedroom to stain and poly the floors.

It has officially gotten crazy here.
There is a lazy boy in my bathroom.

I kid you not.

And a shop vac in my bathtub.

All so we could finish the floors.

New entrance through Mr. M.'s closet and new hallway.

We put a new entrance through Mr. M.'s closet, now his clothes are in our bedroom, the hallway, the bathroom and my daughter's room.

We, meaning I, decided to change the color of the stain for our new bedroom.
I freaked out on poor Mr. M.
I think I might have even screamed.


Thank goodness we were only in my closet and we had only just started putting the stain on.
I don't like it!

Far doors are entrance to his and her closets.

Mr. M. gave me a look of what now.

I went and got the original stain we have in the rest of the house and put some down next to the new stain. 
Mmmm, not so different.
Of course the lighting wasn't helping.
We have not put up any lights yet and we were working with one of those blinding spot lights.  
And it was 7:00 at night, with no natural light.

I kept pacing back and forth, saying it looks purple. 
What do you think?  I asked him a million times.
Then he wiped off more stain.
Well, maybe not so purple now.
I asked again, "do you like it?"
"Can't see it from my closet." He says.

We did the whole closet and let it sit overnight.

Then we did his closet.
I asked him a few hundred more times if he liked it.
Mr. M. responded with, "what am I supposed to say, no.  I'm not changing it now."
Just great.

We did the whole room.

No purple.
Just how I wanted it.
I love it.

We are putting a second coat of poly on tonight.
Next week the work goes into over drive.

Install chandeliers.
Final coat of paint on walls.
Start putting up window, ceiling and door trim.
Install dryer and washer in laundry room.
Install closet systems.
The list goes on...........

We are hoping to be in the room and have my youngest son's room almost complete by Christmas.

It is amazing how far we have come in only a few months since we started putting up the drywall in July.

After these rooms are done Mr. M. says he is sitting his butt down and relaxing until spring. 

Then we have the monster garage to finish.

Our little guy is turning 7 this week so we are going to take a break from working and celebrate.
Cake and family.

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful week.