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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Haunting


The skeletons are hung, the webs are cast and most of the food is prepared.
Now we just wait for the ghosts and gobblins to arrive.

Well, actually it is early and I am taking a much needed break. 
 I do have a few last minute preparations, but they have to wait until just before the party is to begin.

I always tell my son that the DETAILS are most important. 
 They are what make the most impact.

I even make sure the bathroom reading material is a little on the spooky side.

even the lamp cherubs have their masks on.

The jars are full of yucky bits of this and that.

No corner is left unspooky.

I saw the idea of the crows in the branches on a Halloween link party and I thought it would be a great idea.

The food and drink stations are as spooky as ever.

Now just imagine seeing all of this in the dark lit only by candle light.

Well I am off to make some wonderful Bone marrow martinis.

Have a BOOtiful Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flying Bats

 I was looking on the Internet for some Anatomy pictures to print and add to my Halloween decor and while I was looking I found some little bats.
 I came up with a way to put a little different spin on dictionary page art. 

It only took a short time to make, the longest and most amount of patience was needed to cut out the tiny bats.  I had a vintage dictionary handy, and I found the page for BATS and riped it out.  I had to glue the page to some foam board and then just pin the bats on.  Once I had the bats pinned in place, I used a little dab of hot glue to keep them at the top of the pin.  After the glue dried I used a black magic marker and colored in the top of the pin.  Then I framed my picture in an empty black frame.

SO simple, different and I like it. 

My creativity inspires my children.
They were gluing, painting and creating spooky things right along with me to share with their friends. 

I am joining The Girl Creative for Just Something I Whipped Up Monday and Cottage Instincts for Make 4 Monday.

How are you making your home SPOOKY for Halloween?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Doing What I Am Supposed To

WARNING:  If you are NOT into Halloween you may want to take a pass!

You see, I was supposed to be cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting a start on dinner.

 BUT, I wasn't doing that. 

I was having fun creating a SPOOKY house for my guests.
  I ONLY have one week and it is coming faster than I expected.

I had printed toe tags from Adventures in Renovating a Brookstone Limestone and I finally figured out what to do with them. 

Those crows are just running amok in my home!

For goodness sake DON"T step on the mice.

Once I got started creating I couldn't stop. 
 So, why fight it, I filled the kitchen with all my Halloween crafting treasures and that is what I did all day yesterday.

My favorite is to put my little skeletons into good use.

These are the kinds of decorations I like making for Halloween.
I use most of what I already have in my home and enhance with a little creativity. 
 The cloche and ironstone plate I had and the skeletons were from the Dollar store, sheet moss from Michael's and dirt from the back yard.

It is all the little details that my guests love to wander around and look at.

Sometimes all it takes is a spider, a little glue blood and a bone or two.

SO, what are YOU creating to make your home more SPOOKY?

I was going to join The CSI Project for my Halloween creations but I was too LATE!

However, this is a fun Halloween link filled with bloggers into Halloween just like me so you really should stop by.
  I have already visited a few and boy do they have great ideas. 

Come on don't be afraid they are only a little


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wicked White Wednesday

I have been busy and maybe a little obsessed with this Halloween party coming up.
I have already missed the past two weeks, so I decided I was not too busy to sneak a White Wednesday in with Kathleen from Faded Charm.

Isn't he adorable?
I was lucky enough to find him at Marshall's several years ago and he watches us eat dinner every night. 

He is standing on one of my favorite white monogrammed table runners.

I have really enjoyed mixing my decorations with my WHITES.

The are good for bats on the walls



I can't even keep the spiders away.

Doesn't he look dignified with his black and white bow tie?
He and his twin brother are the official greeters at our front door.

Happy White Wednesday!

Make sure to stop by Faded Charm and put some white in your day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barn Shopping

Over the weekend we took the kids to my father's house to pick out pumpkins and I went barn shopping. 
My fathers barns are full of so much stuff that I like to poke around looking for something that my father might want to part with.  
Of course my kids just love his wife Bonnie so much. 
 So while the kids were playing with Bonnie, and Mr. M. was taking a nap in the chair, I wandered around looking for treasures.

I found some!

I think my husband cringes a little every time we visit my father's because I ALWAYS come home with something. 
This was no exception.

Three pumpkins for the kids.  The red drawer I took with us to get repaired. 
 My father always has the right tools to fix anything.

I have been wanting a bird cage since I have been seeing them used as Halloween decorations.

Isn't it great!
I found it in my father's garage attic. My mom used to have a few birds as pets when we were little and this must from then.

The best part is; I don't even have to paint it.

Perfectly black and my crows have already moved in.

These are some Pee Gee Hydrangeas from their gardens.
 I am hoping to make a wreath, I saw a beautiful one at The Fairfield House and I thought one would look nice on my door too.

I thought I was done with this post this morning, but I made a visit to my favorite Sally shop and I found a few more treasures I thought I would share with you.

Don't you just love that mantel! 
 It is huge and I am not sure where it is going, but after it is painted WHITE I will surely find a room that it will be great in.

The tall lamp, it works, but I don't care. 
 I didn't bother to tell the teller that I only wanted the bottom.

Seriously, why else would I buy it? 

I already dismantled it and I think it is going to make a great Christmas tree base.
 Yep, I am one of THOSE!
  The people who think of Christmas all year.

The other little trinkets are to be used for Halloween decorations.
Don't even think I am done decorating for Halloween yet. 
The kitchen island is packed full of spiders, skeletons and other oddities to craft with. 
Hopefully I will be mostly done this weekend and then I will concentrate on the menu.

 My costume is finished.
Nope, you can't see until after the party guests, there is chance I may just win one of my own trophies this year.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spiders EWWW, The're Everywhere, They're Everywhere

The itsy bitsy spiders went up the house walls.

Down came the Witches, and scattered them about.

Out came the Ghouls, and popped them in their mouths.

NO more Itsy bitsy spiders climbing up the walls.

Don't let the SPIDER get you!

We delivered our annual Halloween Costume Party invitations.

What would you do if the wolfman and his friend came to your door with this gift?

Scary delivery men!  Run for your lives!

Now that the invitations have been delivered it is time to work on the menu, who what will I put on the table?

I got my inspiration from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone Operation Infestation

My home is full of spiders, skeletions and crows, OH MY!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage Porch Style

Happy weekend! 

 I have been working decorating the porch for fall while the weather is warm. 
I am joining one of my favorite bloggers Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday for a Vintage Porch Party all weekend long. 

This bench is one of my favorites, it is an old horse and buggy seat.

There has to be a little SPOOKY!

I love this cream colored burlap.
  I think it is time to make table runner, WITH RUFFLES!

I was able to get my new sewing machine.
It is still in the box, I was waiting to get the ruffler foot before I started my sewing projects.
  I am so excited to start working on some new SLIPCOVERS too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Spook With My Whites

I have been working all of my Halloween decorations into the living room, kitchen and heck the whole house.
 I have a party to get ready for. 

 This is how I mix Halloween in with my whites.

I think the crows have taken over the house.

I am joining Kathleen from Faded Charm for a BOOtiful White Wednesday.