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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little Fall in the Mud Room

FALL is here.

I have been very busy with all the homework.
Helping the kids.
Doing my own!

I am not always the best with time management.
For me, creative does not equal organization.
So far from it!

However, I did manage to pack away most of my summer decor.

I only have just started decorating for Fall.
It is kind of squeezed in for a week or so before,

I swapped out the footstool for a small slipcovered chair.
I still need some artwork or plates on the wall.
I have not found any yet.
The hunt is the best part.
Now that the kids are back to school,
 I have more free time to go antiquing.

I like how the blue looks with the orange.

New pillow and table cloth are from TJMaxx.
I am debating whether to use the table cloth as a throw or
slipcover the little footstool that was in this room previously.

A pretty plate also from TJMaxx.

Any you, have you finished decorating for Fall?
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tree House Progress

Work has finally begun on the tree house.
It may not be the one I had planned in my head.

To see my original post about the tree house go here.
The kids are excited.
I am excited.

They have all helped in one way or another.

The tree house is bigger than I was going to go with,
but Mr. M. got involved.
He would rather go big than have to cut and waste.
The decks are very sturdy, built to handle a bunch of kids.

The lower deck is 10 x 12.

This is the view of the back yard from the lower deck.
We had to trim some tree branches.

The upper deck is 12 x 12.
Mr. M. was out til 8:00 last night nailing in the last deck board.
As you can see there is plenty of space between each deck.
We wanted to make sure there was plenty of head room.
My 12 year old has surpassed me in height,
there seems no end to his growing. 

This is the view from the upper deck.
You can see into the fields, on the left in that patch of weeds is the kids pond.

You can also see into the trees from the other sides of the deck.
The tree house is tucked into the treetops hidden.

This weekend we will be making the playhouse at the top.
Railings for the sides.


I am hoping to incorporate a slide,
two swings,


 rope ladder,


a zip line,

Textured Rock Holds Set of 12, Blue with SSS logo Sticker

 and rock climbing wall.

I found some great inspiration photos on Google.


Now I just have to find the perfect little tree to decorate for Christmas.
Did you think otherwise?
My daughter put it perfectly, it is just another room!