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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When They Out Grow The Swing Set

Today my oldest son showed me what he can do.

My son wanted to show us what they have been doing on the swing lately.

He showed me, he has no problem going back and forth with out stopping.

Next one in training.

Her confidence is building.

I am thankful the littlest child had no interest in trying.

Later that night, I happened to look outside to find them up in a tree at least 20 feet high.
They were looking for a good spot to build a tree house.

Now I know what the kids do when they out grow the swing set.
Time for a trampoline I am thinking.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Season of Purple

My gardens tend to go through seasons of color.
Right now it is purple.

The purple flowers are called Obedient Plant.
It comes in purple and white.
They grow all summer long and flower in late summer to early fall.
They are beautiful.

Many years ago, I remember planting just a few of these plants in my driveway entrance flower bed.

A few turned into hundreds.
I gave so many away.
They are spreaders if you let them go to seed.

I did.
Now I have them in almost every garden in my yard.

So this year I went out and bought some more.
White ones.
I am hoping they will spread as well as the purple.

The Hydrangeas are starting to change colors.
Fall is on the way.

My Autumn Clematis is in bloom too.
Tiny white sweet smelling flowers.
It is one of my favorite climbing vines, I have four of them around the gardens and I added a new one to the back deck.

My daughter's new purple sneakers.
She loves the color purple and they are just her favorite she tells me.

What color season are your flowers in?