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Monday, November 22, 2010

Time For New Traditions

This year we are taking a break from tradition and most of my family is going to my father's home for Thanksgiving.

I am actually enjoying not having to prepare for the celebration.
When I asked Mr. M. if he would mind going to my father's home for the holiday, his response was;

Do I mind NOT help clean the house?
Do I mind NOT cooking the turkey?
Do I mind NOT having to help clean up the mess afterwards?
Do I mind NOT having my wife grouchy because the kids made another mess in the living room?
Do I mind NOT having to miss the football games?
Do I mind NOT being exhausted the day after Thanksgiving?


So after about 12 years of having Thanksgiving at our home I will be able to enjoy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade instead of mopping the kitchen floor.
I have started decorating my home for the Christmas Holidays early and this helps due to Mr. M. being MIA for a week during December and I am working for part of the month.
I am enjoying not having to rush around getting ready to host 14 people for the upcoming celebration,
 instead I am hanging out with my kids.
I am actually sitting down to enjoy my holiday magazines instead of reading them in the bathroom in between cleaning.
I am taking time to make some new Christmas ornaments for my home and my children's teachers.
I think we may just have to make this a new tradition.....Thanksgiving at Grandpa's house.

I must add Mr. M. is STILL making ALL of the Thanksgiving pies, yummmmmm.....pumpkin, apple, chocolate and lemon, oh my.  While I am at work on Wednesday he will be making 14 pies for our families. 
One reason that I am THANKFUL!
How about you, what are your Thanksgiving traditions?


  1. Hum I will be busy doing all those things that you do not mind doing.... But it with a happy heart and a weary body I command myself to do these things as it is for the most important people in my life... my family... Happy Thanksgiving....

  2. Alaina,

    We used to alternate the holidays in my family -- one year my sister would host Thanksgiving and I would do Christmas Eve, the following year vice versa. Made things so much easier. Now I seem to host all the holidays but I love it.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving at your father's house!

    Your Friend,

  3. The family is coming here to celebrate and we like it that way since it will be our last for a while here in the USA. Hope yours is wonderful!

  4. This year we are staying home and having a quiet dinner with just a few people. Used to do the huge dinner at my sister's house, but now that everyone has older kids and grandkids the family is splitting up into smaller (more manageable) groups. It sort of takes some of the stress away from the day. And yes, I LOVE to watch the Macy's parade.

  5. Is your father up to adopting any more children? Ha! I hope your time with family is refreshing and full of laughter and good food.

  6. Wow wished my hubby could bake pies...but at least he cleans the bathrooms lol!

    Happy Thanksgiving Alaina!!!

  7. WoW! That Mr. M! What can that man not do???
    Sounds like a divine holiday, Alaina! Happy thanksgiving, girl! You and the other chit chat girls are definitely on my list of things that I am thankful for this year!

    Cotton Blossom

  8. Thanksgiving at Grandpa's sounds like a great new tradition. So does having hubby cook 14 pies! Yum, you have to know chocolate is my favorite. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Can we come too? Hee Hee...I cook every year for just my little family of 4 and my single brother. We have a few of our kids friends drop in before and after then sometimes Jim's brother and family for dessert. Very, very relaxing day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. So happy you can finally sit down and ENJOY!

    After reading blogs I realized your Thanksgiving is in the middle of the week?

    Do the kids get an extra long holiday?
    Ours is always on a Monday.

    And you get a parade to watch to boot....NICE.


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