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Friday, June 17, 2011

Not a Fan of Baseball

Now that we are in the middle of Spring, gardening is always on my mind. 
Weeds, they demand attention!
The biggest weed I have found in my way to a beautiful maintained garden.
Yes, I said it, the all time American sport is IN MY WAY! 
Mr. M. plays on his fireman league, and the kids each play, and they practice.


I almost missed seeing my peonies in bloom.
I need Spring to slow down.

My roses are starting to bloom and I want to enjoy them before they are gone.

We skipped going to watch Mr. M. play so I could finish my planters. 

This topiary is my favorite planter this year. 
For now it sits in the middle of the brick patio, until I find the perfect spot for it.

Remember the dwarf trees I mentioned moving, well I finally got it done and I replanted the pair of planters on the deck.
Hopefully they will not have to be transplanted for a couple of years.

Last night we went to this guys Pre-K graduation.

He is going to be going to Kindergarten in the fall.

Well I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
As for me, I am going to try to sneak in some gardening in between BASEBALL!


  1. AW! Cute picture of your little guy. Ella's starting kindergarten in the fall as well, and I'm sad that I won't get to see the lovely ladies of her nursery school any longer.

    Oh man. I HATE baseball. I wonder if I'd be a giant jerk and forbid my kids from playing it, ha ha ha...

    Oh geez, what am I saying: most sports suck. This comes from a girl who hated gym in highschool.

  2. We had several years when my two were young that we had games all the time. Now that their little ones are playing--it has slowed down to 1 game a week. But I love seeing my granddaughter play. Your garden flowers are so beautiful.

  3. What a cute little guy. I love all the glimpses of white in your garden.

  4. My boys played Little League and my husband coached. It seemed my life revolved around baseball and I had an infant and a toddler to boot! Give yourself some time out...we can't be everywhere. I am always happiest in the garden, it just puts me in a good mood! I love your topiary planter, very pretty, and I really love white peonies!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Well I always found baseball a lot more exciting then tennis and gymnastics... with 5 girls I sat on those bleachers it seemed like forever.
    Sometimes you just got to run away and hide in the garden

  6. I LOVE that topiary; did you grow it??? Please dish on it!

  7. Thank you so much for the vintage inspiration. I'm just getting started. Any suggestions appreciated.


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