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Saturday, September 3, 2011


We were given an opportunity of a lifetime.
My neighbor asked if we would like to take the kids to a Buffalo Bills game with her?


I have not been in about 16 years and the cost of taking our kids meant we most likely would not go in another 16.  Lucky for us, we just happen to live next to a retired Bills coach. 
He was waiting for preseason games to be over so they had extra tickets.


50 yard line!

Pre-season or regular, the cost to take 5 people to a football game is crazy.
Let's put it this way, a bottle of water was $5.00.  Are you kidding me. 
Thank goodness we were able to bring snacks.

I wish I could say that everything went smoothly, but sadly to say, the littlest guy hurt himself before we even got to our seats. 
We made a visit to the first aid center and were given a few ice packs.
All of the noise, colors and some twizzlers took his mind off the pain.

We did have a good time and I am so glad my kids were able to experience this.

Thanks neighbor!

I wish I could say they won.


  1. How exciting for all of you (Hope the little guy is okay). I haven't been to a football game since high school and probably never will. We go to a lot of baseball and basketball games though. Glad you had a good time!!


  2. Wow, I wish I could take my boys to an NFL game, it's so much more exciting in person!
    So glad you had such a wonderful time!
    Hope have a beautiful weekend.

  3. I must admit that though I've had football explained to me many times, I just never get it. My brain just cannot wrap itself around what they're doing out there!


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