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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let There be Light

Christmas and New Year's has come and gone.
Now we are left with WINTER.

One of the hardest adjustments I have to make after I take down my Christmas decorations is the lack of LIGHT.  
With ten trees there does tend to be an extra amount of light, who knew. 
So I go through light withdrawal.

I am trying to do something about it, but I kind of have this love hate relationship with my windows.

These windows are in each room of the house, except third floor and basement.
Really, they are the same size top to bottom as a door.
That means lots of light, good, yes sometimes.
Bad when you are trying to watch TV during the daytime.

Love-the light
Hate-trying to find curtains, drapes or blinds I like.

These windows are in the dinning room.
I took down the roman blinds I have in all the windows to help me with my light withdrawal.

However, I do NOT like the transom at the top, I am not sure what about it bugs me.
I have tried from the beginning to cover that part of the window.

First there were the shabby chic balloon shade from Rachel Ashwell, but then they seemed to frilly.
Finally I found the roman shades at IKEA.
Love them, however they were recalled.
NOPE, I did not take mine back.
I even tried to find more for our addition.
These are the roman shades and a ruffled drape I have in the office.
If the ruffled drapes were long enough and I had enough of them I would be happy!

Now I am thinking I would like to put up simple floor to ceiling drapes in white linen.


The cost of buying drapes for 20 windows is a bit much, especially for the ones I want.
So, for now the windows will be bare, and let in lots of light.

How about you?
Are you going through after Christmas withdrawal?


  1. Your transom is so pretty! I agree....let there be light....the windows look fabulous!

  2. Love all the white..even the snow on the ground viewed thru the window...very inviting! Thanx for sharing, Tiff

  3. I think there are a lot of us out here that have window envy...maybe that is because we don't have to find the perfect coverings:o) I do feel tired with the lack of sunshine but not usually until closer to February. I actually like taking down all the Xmas stuff because then I rearrange my nicknacks to make things look refreshed. Thanks for the lovely pics...I am also having white envy with all your lovely collectables!!

  4. You crafty girls are so smart though, couldn't you make your own Roman drapes???

  5. Well, could you not use towelling? from the fabric store? I did in my bathroom....I will send you a picture. or maybe some of that diapering flannel? surely that is less expensive. actually the towelling looks like yummy. I will go dig up some pics and email you.

  6. Your windows are wonderful ~ we are lucky enough to have a lot of large windows as well. I do love all of the light and being able to see out but it can be really difficult to find the right window treatments. I just love your home and your style, so full of charm and character!

  7. My Christmas withdrawal is SUGAR :o! But really, I think my problem after the holiday decor has been put away, is that I want to get all new stuff and shake things up a bit, so I really have to use will power (much like with the sugar fits)
    I love all your huge windows. I know it is probably a problem to dress them all, and especially since I make all the curtains in my house, which is teeny compared to yours, but I would still trade you houses ;)
    sending big hugs your way...

  8. Your home is lovely! The windows let in so much light (a must for me too) good luck deciding on your window coverings. Have a great weekend!

  9. I like the roman shades and the idea of floor length white linen. Don't they have white linen at ikea? I despise winter, thankfully it has been sunny and in the 50's this week. I have started rearranging my whole house, it drives my husband crazy. I love your walls~

  10. Hello... I'm number 426 your newest follower. Pleased to meet you. I'd love to invite you over to visit and follow me when you have a chance. Your blog is so lovely and very enjoyable. Thanks for having me... and, have a wonderful evening. ttyl..xoso Sandy

  11. White windows look classy and elegant, but yours are especially beautiful. Judging by the pictures, those are large windows. The transom at the top looks good. Why are you bothered with that?

  12. I'm still swimming in Christmas so no withdrawal for me yet.
    You have such beautiful windows they look great with nothing on them.....and it saves money!


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