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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Beast is Back

I had to make a special trip and bring home the BEAST.

Several months ago we dropped off my husband's Lazy Boy at the upholsters.
Oh yeah it is back. More heavy sarcasm!

I picked a pretty cream fabric with design for the front and white denim for the sides and back.

I will be painting the base and the handle white this weekend.
Mr. M. is very happy to have his chair back.  He agreed to the fabric choices so he could keep his chair.
I will agree that it is very comfortable and it lasted through three children being fed and rocked in the chair.
I still HATE this chair.
It takes up so much room.
Put it in the basement you say, well I did think of that too, but I kind of whited up that room too.
Poor Mr. M. - that is what my girl Sara is saying, I just know it.
So the chair stays upstairs and I am ok with that.
For now!

I do love the ruffle at the bottom.

To take away some of my frustration, I decided to visit a few fun shops.
I was able to find a few treasures, I usually am lucky like that.

A good bounty for a great price.

Seriously, can anyone have too much ironstone.

This little guy looks great in the kitchen.

A new chippy wood shelf for the basement, I am not sure if the blue is staying yet.

This little tool holder is going to be used for silverware and necessities for having dinner on the deck.
Overall I had a good day out.

Now the chair is home and we have happy husband.
Funny thing is, he is the one throwing telling the kids to stay away from his chair with their dirty hands.

So, how about you, do you have one of these chairs to decorate around?


  1. I like it! Looks very nice. Great finds too! ♥

  2. Hi Girl!
    I hear you on the lazy boy! he he!! yet what you have done with it is an amazing transformation from what it was to what it has become :)

    About all your photos they all look so amazing when I visit I so leave telling myself BOY! Dore you need a new camera :)

    The shelf with the blue on it I would leave it, these original pieces with all the aligatoring finish on it is so hard to reproduce and when one comes alone like yours you just have to leave it alone :)
    If you want to dull the blue down take a damp soft wet rung out cloth adding paint in a gray tone of a soft patina and rub it on the blue areas so not to lose any of its age and wear to it.
    But I vote to leave it as orginal as possible.
    thank you sweet friend for your beautiful visit and taking the time to comment it means a whole lot to me.

  3. Wow, the chair looks amazing!!! And I love all of the new treasures that you brought home!!
    And you are so right, you can never have too much ironstone!!~
    Hope you have a beautiful day.

  4. The chair looks really great! I love the fabric and ruffle. My husband had a lazy boy for the longest time. Then someone got ink on it and that was a good excuse to sell it! He has a new favorite chair and thankfully, it goes with my furniture!


    P.S. Love your ironstone pitcher and the scale!

  5. You are a genius! I never would have thought to recover these chairs this way. I always hated them too but it now looks great!!!
    I love your finds and I am jealous!!

    Looks like you are in for good weather by next Wednesday! I still get the Fort Erie weather
    emailed to me!!

  6. Ah Alaina! the chair is beautiful! If it makes the hubby happy that is what counts...compromise at it's best makes for a happy nest!

  7. Mister would NEVER agree to that lovely fabric and ruffle. I'm not a recliner fan either, but Mister kind of lives in his. Also, we would need a color or pattern that hides dirt. Living in a recliner includes eating in it.
    Actually, it's not so bad, but it would not work for him. He does have a vintage type fabric on his though!

  8. Gosh, at least I now know that you can make these monsters look pretty! Mr. Sissie's is leather, and massive.....I dislike it very much.
    I don't think he'll ever part with it and if only I could cover it up.

    Love all your great finds too.



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