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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Cat That Acts Like a Dog

Mittens, my daughter's cat.

He is a very loud cat.
No I mean LOUD.
He cries when he is hungry, wants attention and 
to go outside.

BUT kitty, you are an inside cat.
He still does not believe me.

So, he has taken matters into his own and lets himself out.

These are the door handles we have on the front and side storm doors.
He jumps up and unlatches the door and lets himself out.

It is not that we do not want him to be a happy outside cat.
We live on a slightly busy street that many an animal is found dead on the side.
Our neighbors raise homing racing pigeons and it does not make for good neighbors to have to
go get the cat after he has killed prized pigeons.
Not that that has happened, I just don't want it to either.

However, we do not want to spend all summer with our doors closed, we do NOT have 
air conditioning and the breeze through the windows and doors is needed to cool the house down.

So we decided to let Mittens, let himself out at his leisure while watching out for him.
So far he is being good and staying close to the house.

Funny thing, this morning after letting him out into the garage, I heard a noise.
I went to check it out, Mittens was trying to let himself IN the same way he gets OUT.

Smart cat.


  1. We live on a busy road too, and the previous homeowner's cat got hit and killed out front. I am thinking of using the invisible fence we had for our dog for the cats. It's do-able.

  2. Oh I can relate so much. Two of our precious cats got hit and died right in front of the house. We live on a really busy road. I just insalled that kind of knob on our north door......and I have watched videos on youtube of cats doing just what you describe. I hope our black and white "mittens" cat does not figure that out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smart CAT.

  3. Evidently, Mittens is part siamese..they are known to be very vocal and clever...if you put a little inexpensive child lock up higher than the lever you have, he won't be able to get out...of course, that won't solve the problem in the summer. You can find this type of lock at any of the big box stores and they won't damage the doorway.

  4. I had two dogs who knew how to open the door! They ran away though and I would be on my bike trying to find them! Just a little latch hook works fine. Hope Mittens stays away from the street!


  5. what a cute story! I agree: I wish my kitties could be outdoor cats too, but a lot of seriously bad crap happens to cats outside. I know this, because my last cat (who was a black & white kitty like yours, sniff!) had LOTS of bad luck over the years during her outdoor adventures.

  6. Your Kitty Cat is adorable! Smart too!


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