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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late

I must say that many times I find myself saying that.
So many wonderful link parties that I have missed or I am so dang late for I feel frazzled.

I am still trying to become that organized person that I need to be to juggle all of the different jobs I have as MOM, WIFE, SISTER, CREDIT UNION TELLER, DOMESTIC CLEANER, FOOD PREPARATION SPECIALIST, PERSONAL SHOPPER, FURNITURE MOVER, DESIGNER, TEACHER, CHAUFFEUR, NURSE, HANDY MAN AND NOW...............

Those of you who know me, 
know that from Spring til the end of Summer, 
I spend several days a week at baseball.

If you don't know me yet, let me tell you a secrete. 

Oh and a wonderful thing happened this year. (HEAVY SARCASM)
Baseball went from 3 days a week to 4 days, SHOOT ME NOW.

I know right now, my girl Sara read this and is saying "poor Alaina."

Anyway, enough about sports, back to my missed parties.
I know I am not an organized person, I'm creative, artistic but NOT ORGANIZED!

So, I am almost done trying to be organized, only a few more rooms to clean out and I will
revert back to my creative side.

Now, that doesn't mean I have been uncreative, oh no, just that I have not had the time to share it with you.
Oh, I have been painting, sewing and gardening.

I wanted to join Nesting Place for her Plant Party yesterday, I am just a little late though.
But, guess who decided to play with her blog Sunday night?
Oh yeah, and now I can't find my blog list.
So if you were a regular on my sidebar and you don't see your name, let me know and I will add you back to my list.

See this wonderful green and white combination.
The little sister and I went plant shopping.
We didn't get much because SNOW was expected this week.

More plants just waiting to be potted up.
Don't you just love my new garden urn, gotta love TJMaxx. 

These beauties were on sale at Home Depot, an after Easter sale that I gladly took several off their hands.

I love white hydrangeas, I am hoping to re-pot these in my large planters for the deck this year.

Isn't he a cutie, some kind of succulent.

Who says you can't bring the outdoor plants in.
This is Irish moss.

My little corner in the office gets lots of sunlight and a perfect place for plants.

I have a few more posts started so that I can join more fun parties, I can update you with my basement progress,  and share some new treasures with you.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by, make sure to visit the Nester too.


  1. Hey Alaina,

    The plants are really nice....especially the hydrangeas! And the furry fuzzy one at the bottom of the post.

    Sorry about the baseball, but do you get to chat it up with other mums? Maybe learn to knit and take it with you, so you can be creative at the same time.

    See ya!

  2. I've been thinking of maybe doing all white plants on my front porch, so you're giving me some ideas. I am so ridiculously unorganized with blogging right now too. I'll go check out the plant party to see what other ideas I can get.


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