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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Whites in the House

Where does one start when there is a long pause.

Why of course with new WHITES.

I have completed many projects, and yet there is always a long list of those still to come.

This is what you see when you look down the basement stairs.
I moved this little dresser from the living room.
The kids have it packed with board games.
The door is to our pantry.

I did some sewing.

Cute little legs.
Just a hint of blue.

Even though those inner arm seams gave me trouble,
 I am glad to say I remembered how to whip up a chair cover in a couple of days.

I am hoping to use some of these fabrics for pillows and other slipcovers I may need for the room. 

A little table brought in from the garage and given the WHITE treatment.
Great size for a game or snack.

This over-sized footstool is great for putting your feet up or as an extra seat.
Of course I had to give it a new WHITE slipcover.

Too much color going on here.
More sewing in my future, I predict.
I have some beautiful inspiration fabric I plan on using.

The back of the basement is still cluttered, I am working on the storage issue.

I have to say we are really happy with how it turned out so far.
Turn off all of the lights and we have a great movie room.
My sister made mention that we should put in surround sound.
Oh dear.....maybe a project for next month.

These are the basement stairs.
I have one more coat of WHITE paint and then I am going to paint some stripes down the middle.
The hand rails are plumbing pipes.
Mr. M. got the idea from seeing them used in a local restaurant.
They are perfect for sliding down.
 Mr. M. does it with one hand on each side and zips down to the bottom hoping not to crash.
The kids hold on to one railing with their feet on the molding and go sliding down the side.  
Funny thing is, I did not know they did this until I saw them teaching all their friends at a party.
Even Aunt T likes to slide down with the kids.  

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  1. First off it looks amazing!!!!!! The slip covers are the cutest ever and you did a really nice job on them!! I say it looks like you improved your skills! I like the idea of putting games in the chest and the table to play them on. But most of all I am really liking the pipe rails........that is really really cool!!!

  2. OH, and lets not forget those awesome stairs!!!!!!! they are so nice all white my next house if I have some I would choose to do all white.

  3. Yup they are tempered glass, put in by the previous owner.......we have found a house we is not in the best neighborhood.....but I think it might be an up and coming neighborhood....we will just have to wait on our house to sell though.

  4. Your basement has some really great pieces. Love the slips, and they turned out so well. I love using dressers for storage and display spaces in finished basements. Yours is a cutie. I agree that white makes pieces fit together well. The stairs look nice and fresh, and too funny about the handrails. I would kill myself but I could totally see my kids and their cousins doing that.

  5. Beautiful new fresh touches, white is always best! Thank you for sharing, Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. White is my favourite colour. You share such nice and fresh touches in the house. I impress by this image so much. Its very simple and too good.

  7. It looks like you've been busy. I love the plumbing pipe handrails. I can imagine you can get going pretty fast going down the steps that way. My childhood neighbor had that for a handrail on their steps outside the back door, so you brought back some fun memories for me.

  8. i LOVE the stairs (it's photos like this that make it so hard for me to decide:)....and that railing...can't wait to see it when it's finished!


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