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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flea Market Whites

My sister and I went to a local flea market and I scored!
In fact, we met up with our other sister at a garage sale on the way.

Chippy and Ironstone.
Two of the best whites there are.

You should have seen us carrying all of this to our car.
I am not including the cute little round metal table I found for the deck.
It is yellow and is not allowed to show its' face until it has been painted white.

I was told the pitcher was worth much more than I was being charged.
But, that's not what I am paying.
I took it home at my price.

It pays to haggle.

The bed, well, I am not too sure where it is going at this very moment.


I knew I couldn't leave it.
Actually it was my little sister who sold me on it.
For that price, you can put it on the deck she said.


We were quite a spectacle.
Laughing with sisters is always the best way to spend a day.

I am sharing my new whites with Kathleen from Faded Charm and WHITE WEDNESDAY
Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.


  1. Oh, what fabulous finds! I'm sure you had a great time with the sisters... and many fun memories were created. That pitcher is divine!

  2. Holy Moly!!! I am absolutely dying over that bed!!! I have been wanting a piece like that for years!
    You certainly did score!!
    Hope you have a beautiful night my friend!

  3. That is one beautiful bed. And I have a VERY hard time passing by a fabulous pitcher like this one. Way to go!

  4. Hi
    Flea Market Whites
    Good way of describing this. Good to see that some people really write good content nowadays!

  5. I found a double bed that was the same style just more ornate for 20 bucks.....I passed on it and now I see ones like it all over the internet..(sad) oh well, live and learn. I am glad you did not pass yours up, you probably would have kicked yourself like I do every time I see one. Good haul, and good on your sisters for encouraging you and helping you get it in your vehicle!! I would never have shown the yellow beast either, and you know it!!!!!

  6. Great scores! Way to go!!! Beautiful bed and adore that ironstone pitcher!! Have a great weekend~

  7. Loving your finds! I especially like that ironstone pitcher.


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