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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Little Visitor

Last night I was working on mulching one of my flower beds, I had forgotten to wear my gloves,
 so I asked my oldest son to get them for me.
Gloves were forgotten.
Instead my son walked back with a large bucket and inside was a little baby bunny.
 On the way to get my gloves he came across the cat and per my son's words.
"the cat and the baby bunny were snuggling together."

He wanted to keep it.
Please, just till dad gets home so we can show him.
We did keep it in the bucket long enough for all my kids to get a chance to give it a little love.
So, with one final hug from each of the kids we let it go in the back hedge row.
Far from the cat.

The kids were supposed to be getting ready for bed and I was walking back up the driveway to finish my last load of mulch.


The cat with a baby bunny AGAIN!

Naughty kitty.

I showed the kids the second little bunny.
This time while I was letting the bunny go where we put his sibling, the kids were looking for the burrow.

It did not take too long, my oldest found it under one of my lavender plants.
We did not find any more babies though.
They either got away or it was a small litter.

I hope they were old enough to be on their own.
Such is the life of living in the country.
Never a dull moment it seems.

And you, how was your weekend?
Did you have any visitors?


  1. Sweet bunny...I hope he found his way home. I wish I had such charming garden visitors. Have a great day!

  2. Are those sweet little things going to eat all your plants???

  3. So the bunny and the cat were "snuggling"? Too funny.
    Cats are so may have been the same bunny the second time as it was the first...Great story.
    Gardening is such a wonderful pastime.

  4. What a precious little bunny! They just make me smile! Would love to have seen the bunny and the cat!
    Hope you have a great week!

  5. sweet! He was just looking for a friend :) Wonderful day in the country.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Oh I love little bunnies and kitties. How cute!


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