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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pampering Myself

I decided to pamper myself and visit one of my favorite shops.

The Flower Barn

It is an indulgence for me when I visit.
I almost never leave empty handed.
Beth, the owner has everything wonderfully displayed, lovely smells, soft music and on a hot day like today she even brought me out a mug of cold water.
I enjoy myself so much when I come to shop, and really I feel like it is more like visiting a friend.

Today I was surprised, amazed to say the least when I walked in the door and what should greet me but.....

clothing by none other than

Magnolia Pearl

My jaw dropped.
You have to understand, this is a small suburb of Buffalo, not the big city, 
not even Buffalo has Magnolia Pearl clothing.
I am so happy for Beth that she has such a wonderful opportunity to sell this line of clothing.

As beautiful as the clothing is in the pictures, they are even better in person.
You have to feel the fabrics and see all the details.

Magnolia Pearl

Just look at all those ruffles.

Magnolia Pearl

These pictures are from Magnolia Pear Clothing found here.

I will have a post soon with pictures from Beth of the available clothing she is selling.
But, if you can't wait until then.
Stop by and visit Beth.

The Flower Barn 
7716 Rochester Road
Gasport, NY 14067
(716) 772-2099 or 800-231-0281

I could not resist, I bought myself another candle.
I can never have too many candles.

Snickerdoodle by The Swan Creek Candle Co.
They have the best smells.
A cute little numbered bucket.


A new line Beth is carrying, TOKYOMILK/DARK by Margot Elena.
I bought Tainted Love lotion.
I am absolutely sure Mr. M. is going to like how it smells on me.
She offers a variety of collections in lip balm, body souffle, shower jell, roller parfum.
I have a feeling I will be going back to get Bullet Proof for him, it has this smokey smell that I just loved.

Oh, yeah,
I also bought this AWESOME CABINET!

It is a vintage medicine cabinet

Look at that key hole.

I have mentioned on several posts what a wonderful boutique this is.
There are none like it around in this area.
Not only does she make beautiful floral arrangements,
 Beth also offers such a variety of home and gift items that are both old and new and just so unique.

Thanks Beth, I had a wonderful visit today and I can't wait to come back.


  1. Many times my husband and I looking for little trips to take and that shop might just be on our list! Thanks for sharing -it looks lovely. I just posted about a cute shop close to where I live in Ohio. You may want to stop my blog for a visit. I really really love the cabinet!! Just charming!

  2. Alaina,
    Every time I read a post about some wonderful shop a blogger recommends I wish I were able to transport myself there as quickly as the internet exchanges our thoughts and ideas. I am familiar with Tokyo Milk, I love their products. The vintage medicine cabinet is exquisite. I have a place for it at the Fairfield House if you can't find a spot at Arbor House Lane. :)
    I'm glad you are happy and enjoying summer. Now that you have a kindle, be sure to join in the Fairfield House Book Club! We just finished The Chaperone. You would love it.
    Your Friend,

  3. that sounds like a very fun, relaxing day Alaina. Thanks for sharing because I am particularly maxed out today packing for our family vacation.

  4. Hi Alaina! You know, I pass by the Flower Barn every week on my way to Medina and I have never stopped in! Now I just have to! Hope to see you soon!


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