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Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of Summer Flowers

My gardens did not do as well this year.
Mostly my fault but I will blame it on Mother Nature.

Rain, rain where did you go?

I did manage to grow some beautiful flowers in spite of the lack of attention by me.

Beautiful pink roses about to drop their petals.

Gathered together in one bunch the colors are spectacular.

I have several of these beautiful climbing roses planted by my arbors.

I love the color of the hydrangeas.
Pinks, purples, whites and greens.
Such a wonderful combination.

I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


  1. The flowers are beautiful! Its hard to believe its almost fall!

  2. gorgeous, Alaina. My gardens were a little neglected this year too. We got one drenching rain that knocked most of my backyard garden over and then I lost my zing.

  3. My goodness - I am absolutely speechless at how beautiful these are! To think that you picked these from your own garden and that this wasn't a good year?! Utterly beautiful! What are the purple flowers and the smaller pink ones - it's an absolutely stunning combination. Beautiful blog too.
    Best wishes from England,
    Paula xxx

  4. Well they did better than mine......and I tried to water! At least you have a display of something! They are sooooooo pretty.


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