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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look Who Stopped by for Dinner

We have visitors.
I like them because they don't stay too long.
They don't eat a lot.
They don't take up too much room.

They brought a few little friends.

As you can see, they dressed for dinner.

You might have guessed, I am getting out some of my Halloween decorations.

I happened upon these two skeletons at Walmart.
I have been looking for large ones, but I did not want to pay the $ at the Halloween stores.
Well, I lucked out, both Walmart and Target are selling large skeletons for 1/2 the cost of those Halloween stores.
You may want to get yours asap, Target only had two on the shelf so I bought both of them.

How about you, are you doing any Halloween decorating this year?


  1. Well done... the setting looks great!


  2. Hey girl I thought you had relatives over for dinner when I saw that you posted a new post :)
    No, I could tell right away that Halloween was filling your creativeness these days.
    I wish I were a kid knocking at your door, I am sure it's a real treat to be tricked at your home.
    Love your creativeness, better homes and garden holiday ideas watch-out!!

  3. You need to feed those poor people! I will check them out at Walmart. I'd love to have one to annoy the husband with.

  4. Adorable, Love your Style... and I'm digging your Lovely Velvet Pumpkins too... I Adore Velvet Pumpkins and am Hoarding all of them I can amass... yes, I'm a Velvet Pumpkin Hoarder! *Winks* But I hafta ask... just how long have those Guests been waiting for the Meal at your House?? Just sayin... *Smiles*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. How fun! I think my children would love these guests, too. Enjoy the Halloween decorating.
    I love your wheat bunch, too!

  6. Now that's the "spirit'! har har! These two look right at home with you! I never think of skeletons as being so charming, but what a fun kickoff to the season!

  7. My little boy was begging for a life size skelly yesterday....they freak me out.They look cute with hats.

  8. You have such a grrrrr-eat sense of humor! Thanks for making my day. Ü

  9. OMG this is so funny!!!!!!!! I want one of these now! I can just see him sitting on my couch waiting for the trick or treaters!!! You are such a clever girl Alaina!!!!
    sending hugs your way...

  10. What a fun take on Halloween, I love it! Hugs, Penny


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